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Party Time with Cleo (and Nathan)

Hello dear followers,

As you may have guessed, last night was the night of the party with Cleo and I. I will try to faithfully recreate the events of what happened. 174 more words


The planner's guide to unplanning

I am a planner. There is no doubt about it. I write daily to-do-lists. I plan what I will cook for a week before I go grocery shopping (with another list in hand). 776 more words


I better go lie down and prepare for another win...

I really, really suck at the post one blog per day for the whole month of November challenge. It’s been 4 days without a post. In my defense, I was afraid to post randomly stupid things that would make my readers start to dull their shanks to inflict maximum damage upon my person for filling their inbox and news feed with random things like my grocery list. 114 more words

My Poor Friends & Family


Fasting is my best friend! We’re meeting up again in a few hours :P Boy am I ready!

Who needs food? No me that’s for sure, I already have “meat on my bones” and it needs to disappear. 189 more words

Extreme Diet


Why hello…. its been a while,

As some of you may know I have just finished school and as such, celebrations called to me! Celebrations, let me just say something about celebrations, they destroy your progress and figure! 210 more words



Since age two I’ve had the same set of goals: be a writer and have a family. They seemed pretty simple when I was a little girl. 1,117 more words