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Thee ol' bucket list

I have so many things that I want to do/see in my life. Some are short term and some are long term. I’m sure I need to stop overthinking though and start doing. 219 more words

Realizing that you can, in fact, pursue the dream job

It’s about time I make some life goals.

I’ve always been exceedingly timorous about the future. Well, college was a given, but so much angst went into choosing my college major (or rather, I knew what I wanted to do, but fretted about how it wouldn’t make money). 387 more words


things are a bit better

so i work my ass off all of the time now. i don’t even know how in the world i have time or a want to type. 406 more words

One year is all it takes.

One year. In today’s world 12 months is far too long. I want results and I want them now. Because I can’t seem to produce immediate results, I’ve given before I even started. 90 more words

Why do we go to the movies?

Entertainment, must be the first word that popped through the brain, isn’t it? I’m sure everybody would asked themselves this.. but for those who’ve not quite figured it out yet… and for those who partially agree and need a push to believe what am about to say.. 273 more words


Recapping my twenties

I’ve noticed lately that since hitting 30 I’ve changed.  For the better.

In my late teens and early twenties I was a university student for five years, then a backpacker for one year.  743 more words


That One Time I Went Skydiving

April 15th might be my new favorite day of the year. Well lets be real, nothing beats Christmas, but that is in a league of its own so it doesn’t even count. 742 more words