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Hi gang

We all wish for something! Something bigger, something better, something newer. For me at the moment I keep wishing for a three new things, 192 more words


It’s mid-July!  Who would’ve thought the year has passed so quickly…

In the final day of last year, I put together a list of my goals for this year so I thought I should go through them now that it’s mid-year, just to see whether I’m on track. 403 more words


Hubris? (Days 18-21)

Days 18 – 21 of 1001

Why is it that motivation seems to diminish, or slowly fade when we start to see the results of what we’re working towards… or is it just me? 683 more words

Planning with Purpose

I am a planner, or so that’s what I say. It might really just be a cover up for constantly worrying about the future. I’m not quite sure. 593 more words

Cottage Goals

Each year, my family and I retreat to Muskoka for the best kind of vacation. One full of rest, relaxation, good food, laughter and tradition. While most of our customs are silly and fun, there is one that I cherish above the rest. 298 more words

Bucket List

Organize my morning

As you have seen my blog is quite crazy lately. I have therefore resolved to organize my life and see if I can give myself a new way to start the day and get more done. 145 more words

Life Goals

So Be It...(Day 17 of 1001)

Day 17 of 1001

I”m hoping that as long as I keep writing I will write myself into an answer or two. I don’t mind being alone and I don’t mind thinking through these things knowing that there may be no answer to them at all. 56 more words