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Thank You For Lighting Up the Dark

Three words today: thankful, hopeful, and sad.

Exactly two months since I wrote This Year’s Love, we found ourselves standing on an edge far different from where we stood in May. 620 more words


Aiming for Contentment

The arrow released smoothly from her bow and sped to the target. THWACK! It made a satisfying sound as the sharpened point buried into the red ring, just barely missing the yellow center. 1,040 more words

I wish you the worst

I hope you fall madly in love with her.

I hope you do all the things you never did with me.

I hope every time you see her your heart skips a beat and you can’t picture life without her. 81 more words


My 3 Levels of Pain

Most of the time I can measure my pain by 3 different levels:

1. Can wash my hair, shave my legs and wash my body… 261 more words



Every day when I am taking a shower and getting dressed, I cannot help but notice the visible scars that dot my body.  I earned my first scars, thanks to the chicken pox virus that my two older sisters exposed me to when I only 6 months old. 

467 more words
That's Another Story

Years Later, The Great Kindle Mystery is Solved

It seemed a simple enough status update for Facebook. Just one line back in December 2010…something to the effect of “I’m thinking I need to get a Kindle.” 665 more words

Life Goes On


Someone ran over a cute little kitteh on the street in front of my house…

You will be avenged!!!

Just Everyday Things