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It knocked me down, but I got up.

Disclaimer: This is going to be a very negative post, full of anger, painful memories, and personal information. Reader discretion is advised. Also, please withhold judgment, as I’ve judged myself enough on this situation to last a lifetime. 1,692 more words


As I sit at my desk I am overcome with an inability to focus on my work. The phone keeps ringing, emails keep coming, and people keep coming in and out. 342 more words


That I

You realize that I

am but human

Not wire and circuitry

You realize that I

do bleed

Not short-circuit

You realize that I

hurt deep inside… 21 more words


There have been some positive developments lately – I just wish I had the time to flesh them out on paper and log them here…. 154 more words


Easter, or The Cat in the Window

I didn’t know if I’d take the photo or not. I didn’t know if I wanted a family Easter picture that Kevin wasn’t in. To see the empty space… 690 more words

And that was that.

I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t miss him.

It had been a few months since we last had contact with each other. And I had nearly forgotten about him — until today when his photo randomly popped up in in my newsfeed. 269 more words

Random Thoughts

some days

some days

it is incomprehensible

that life keeps going

that the world keeps turning

that laundry still piles up

family still needs to be fed… 486 more words