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Friends - Here, There, and Everywhere

 Calvary is hosting Out of the Cold right now which is a temporary emergency shelter that rotates between 12 local churches during the winter months. It is a wonderful program that we work very hard to find lots of volunteers for. 393 more words

'Life Groups' - A Chat with Bethany

Hello again! I hope you’re not feeling overloaded with posts this week, because I love the post that my friend Bethany has written for Simply Sweet today. 371 more words

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'Life Groups' - A Chat with Kiryn

I remember the first time I ever met Kiryn. She was the cheeky big sister of one of my best friends. Anjli and I were in Kindergarten, and Kiryn was in Year 2 – I distinctly remember playing in the school grounds during lunch time when Kiryn came up to me and said, ‘hey, I think it would be good if you went and played in those bushes up there’. 556 more words

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Life Groups

Life groups are small gatherings of people that meet on a weekly basis to ‘do life’ together.

In the Life Group experience Shoreline Church intends that everyone can enjoy a personal connection to the church community. 122 more words


Where is God in your relationship?

Last night in Life Group we went over a lesson that covered this topic. The Bottom Line from the participant guide was “The best way to love your spouse is to love God first.” I had actually never thought about this before. 177 more words


My Bible

Today I cracked open my Bible with my maiden name engraved on the front. It felt amazing but I also realized some things.

First. The pages are super thin and I’m so afraid of ripping one!! 150 more words



in light of christmas being around the corner and therefore nebraska travels being around the corner, here are a few posts i have read in recent passing that encompass some of my feelings about the “flyover” state i call home. 214 more words