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NEW YP Fan LIFE Group | Beginning in May!

Has God put a burden on your heart to make Jesus know in the Fan? Are you ready to take the spiritual training wheels off, go deeper with others in accountability relationships, and develop your leadership skills to serve the Kingdom? 215 more words

Palm Sunday: Rusty Nails

We are having a Life group fair and communion service on Sunday night. All of the Life group leaders were asked to bring finger foods to share, and we’ll have tables set up in the back of the church for people to browse the groups and meet each other. 428 more words


Life Group- Exalting & Enjoying God

One of the gifts the Lord has blessed me with in season of preparation is an incredible Life Group. What exactly are Life Groups, you may ask? 484 more words


All you chameleons out there - change your colors for the right reason

by Trey Campbell, treycampbell1010@gmail.com

You ever feel like you sometimes become a different person, perhaps to relate to others?  That you bend who you are to suit the person or group you’re with?   814 more words

God's Promises

Today is a great day to worship God.  My wife recently prayed for me.  This was her first time ever praying for me in front of me.   206 more words

"Amplify" Parent Cue

We’re Teaching This:

Can God hear me? Does God even exist? Did Jesus actually rise from the dead, really? And what about all the other stuff in the Bible? 650 more words