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My Bible

Today I cracked open my Bible with my maiden name engraved on the front. It felt amazing but I also realized some things.

First. The pages are super thin and I’m so afraid of ripping one!! 150 more words



in light of christmas being around the corner and therefore nebraska travels being around the corner, here are a few posts i have read in recent passing that encompass some of my feelings about the “flyover” state i call home. 214 more words


#TheBluePrint - Community (You'll Never Walk Alone)

Today we want to continue with the second building block of a life of impact and fulfilment. Imagine with me for a moment that you were in a serious crisis, maybe you lost your job, or you made a huge investment but you lost your money or maybe you are facing a huge scandal in the office or even at home and there are some great accusations that have been made about you. 3,031 more words


30 Days of Thankfulness

Today I am thankful for finding the Mountainview Christian Assembly church and the life group that we attended tonight. I have never felt more welcome and like everything is perfect with church or religion or spirituality before. 12 more words


Sweat the Small Stuff!

“Don’t sweat the small stuff.” If you are anything at all like me, or most humans, you have heard (maybe even made) that statement more times than you can count. 709 more words

Lemon Cake Faith

Last night I took part in a great conversation about atheism and faith. The conversation went from expressing thoughtful wonder in creation to the effectiveness of sharing a personal story where faith was at play.  985 more words

Homeless But Not Hopeless

Tonight my Life Group (a bible study group with the church I go to by campus) had the amazing experience of leading a worship service for a local homeless shelter. 603 more words

Fall 2014