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TEDx UChicago

Yesterday on Saturday 4/19, TEDx UChicago held a series of talks around the theme “Make no small plans”. The theme stem from the famous quote by Daniel Burnham, the visionary architect central to the 1893 Chicago World’s fair: 616 more words

So simple, yet impossible 2 years ago

There’s a great new app for Android, which lets you take a picture and focus it later. Not sure how solid the pictures are, but it works by moving the camera while you’re taking a picture, which gives the camera two (or more) points, which determines depth the same way your two eyes do, which it then layers on top of the picture to determine which area of the photo you want to focus on. 19 more words


Open a can without a can opener

Gotta love the Crazy Russian Hacker. Christine brought the can opener to work and couldn’t find it and I remembered this trick to open cans without a can opener. 17 more words


5 things to watch out at Indian Petrol Bunks and avoid being fooled!

This happened to us at Mysore- Bangalore NH highway Indian Oil petrol pump
this incident took place (behind Kamat restaurant ) during the day around 2.30 pm enroute to Bangalore.When you are filling petrol this guy was prompting and distracting Naveen ,my spouse , to take a card very aggressively and while the other guy was happily not resetting the meter.I had watched… 204 more words

Life Hacking

90 days plan of getting started with Social Media and staying there-Part 1

Often, we digital strategist & marketers learn from blogs or tweets from  digitrati’s often , who are already popular in the digital realm  … and this can get kind of intriguing to a new comer , to keep a track of all those tweets and posts coming and digesting all of the content.. 656 more words

Life Hacking

Jablotron Siren (JA-80L) arming and disarming beep

Configuring the Jablotron wall plug siren to sound a beep when the alarm system is armed or disarmed is easy. Off course the manual states this somewhere, but for those who are unable to find it I’ve made a small instruction. 72 more words

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