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Willpower in 60 seconds

Sometimes I feel that my goal is near. It’s just a feeling, nothing measurable or concrete. It’s something I hear in my heart, like a growing warm sensation while thing are going to be the way they have to be. 279 more words

Life Hacking

I Don't Know What I Want To Do With My Life


It is okay. You are okay. Things are and are going to be okay.


If you are living, you are breathing. So, you are doing. 678 more words

Help! Klontjes dons in een gewassen jas.

Er is al veel op Internet geschreven over klonten bij het wassen van dons, en ook de oplossing om dat te herstellen. Overal lees je over tennisballen bij de was en in de droger. 234 more words

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You don't need feathers to fly

Modern spirituality is expressing your wish to fight gravity and touch the sky. It doesn’t have dos and don’ts. You just have to do what it takes to get there. 272 more words

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Rinse and Repeat

I killed a dozen zebrafishes today and only got 8 brains to show for it. That’s the highlight of my day (two days back, because I am a lazy ass and only just managed to finish writing this). 309 more words

My Two Cents

FEED: Life Hacking

- The Connection Course, Mark Manson. Link. | “Learn How You Can Turn Boring Small Talk Into Exciting And Meaningful Conversations”.
= The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem. 21 more words

Life Hacking

Love kills.

Love kills.

And you will know it when you will feel it.

I don’t smoke. Often, I see this sentence somewhere on the cigarette pack : “Smoking kills.” And these days, I would prefer to smoke. 769 more words