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It’s been awhile:

So far this New Year, I’ve hit the ground running. I started at Cleveland State and am not planning on stopping until I graduate (which will be in about 4 years), started writing my book (well random things that will be the meat of my book) and am trying to find the balance again between work, school and family. 44 more words

Life Happens

Drinking Socially + Staying in Shape

In college, I was never a big drinker. Okay, fall semester of freshman year I got it out of my system – sorry, Mom.

I’d have a few drinks here and there, but more often than not, I’d be willing to be the designated driver. 389 more words

Life Happens!

Two cards, for the first time...

Today, 2 cards jumped out of the deck at me.  #38 The Mountain, and the Page of Keys.  I’m editing for brevity, for the full reading, buy the deck… 603 more words


we've all had one...

Life has got a bit too serious for my liking lately so for a distraction I thought I would watch a movie on tele. A quick flick of channels gave me a choice either Transformers or… 973 more words

All About Me

Post Weekend Report - Volume 1

Ah another winter weekend fishing! Actually, this was my first Fishery/Tournament that I was officially a part of. It felt like a normal ice fishing day with a few differences… 323 more words

Life Happens

Monday's tarot card: 27; The Duel

The Duel, not dual although it does show two people, shows an old fashioned man and a modern woman fighting with swords. They are in a hall, with suggestions of three statues watching them. 418 more words

Life Happens

My Love, You're Worth It All...

There are some days when I realize how unworthy I am of God’s love, His grace, His blessings!

Last night and this morning, I woke with that feeling / those thoughts. 227 more words

Life Happens