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Thoughts on Life - A Day to Reflect

Sometimes when you do thing an action with all good intentions, it is possible that someone will take it in the worst way possible. Stay strong. 106 more words


A case of an unfortunate tragedy

Tragedy unites.

Ironic as it may seem, it is only when the worse comes to pass that people of different cultures and warring states ban together. 235 more words


There is an End in SIGHT! I see the light at the end of the tunnel

My first and last summer semester is coming to a close. The semester ends on August 3rd officially but I plan on being completely done with it August 1st since my birthday is August 2nd. 88 more words

Life Happens

there's beauty in the break down.

Well. A lot had happened in the span of three weeks. I hope to get back into the routine of the Deaf posts I do. They’re important to me as I believe they’re important to share. 406 more words


Life Happens!

“There’s always a story untold, a page unturned, and voices unheard.”
It’s not merely a thought I had 2 nights before. It actually took plethora of emotions and personal experience to feel it to my bones. 198 more words

A Bit Of This And That

Woman Under Construction

(from Rachael)

The deep orange of the setting sun resonates with me this evening. My soul feels full of many questions, bits of anxiety, and flutters in the pit of my being. 407 more words


rough day

there are times when life throws you an onion.
and every tim you try to peel it, it makes you cry.

They say when life hands you lemon, you make lemonade…. 32 more words

Life Happens