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Spring in Town

Blue skies, sunshine and convertible cars. Spring has arrived to Tallinn!

Life Happens

#AtoZChallenge: My First Job


I never had a paid job in my adolescence. No seasonal jobs after school at the Dairy Queen or mall. But I did volunteer work at several hospitals. 576 more words


Even The Bad Stuff Is Good

When you feel good, you feel so good but when you feel bad…Not so! “Is the world conspiring against me? Am I a target? Why God, why?!” Everyone has those days sometimes and I’m no different. 281 more words

Who Me Is!

I just saw a hotel guest's ass

A room at my hotel just told the breakfast girl they’d like another chair in their rooms or when they eat breakfast. So I get another chair from the lobby and bring it upstairs for them. 80 more words

Get It Under Control

My Journey with the Lord: Boundaries are slowly being set

I realized something during my retreat weekend and it was one of the things discussed, I need to set boundaries in my life with various things/people. 659 more words

Life Happens

6 Months of Winnie

I understand the aversion to owning a dog. They cost a lot of money. They smell. They make other things smell. They bark. They take up a lot of time. 1,101 more words

Life Happens