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A Drunk Court Reporter Pulled A 'The Shining,' Typing 'I Hate My Job' Over And Over

Imagine if your job was to sit silently at a desk, furiously typing everything that was being said. Imagine further, that you hated that job and decided to get drunk instead. 330 more words

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Russian Scientists Say They Have Enough Woolly Mammoth DNA To Pull A Jurassic Park

I hesitate to post this news on April Fool’s Day, the day when cynicism crushes all possibility of wonder, but it doesn’t look like a joke as far as I can see, and the article isn’t from today. 432 more words

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'Scandal' Actor Charged With A Felony After A Fight In A Restaurant

In a case of life imitating art, Scandal star Columbus Short was charged with a felony for going gladiator on someone in a Los Angeles restaurant this month. 334 more words


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watching paint dry … Baldessari’s ‘Thirteen colorful inside jobs’

Big names illuminated the eponymous thirteen rooms of the Kaldor Public Art exhibition, 13 Rooms.

Like the previous iterations of the format, 11 Rooms in Manchester and 12 Rooms in Essen, work of Marina Abramovic, Joan Jonas, Richard Serra, Damien Hirst, John Baldessari and others was replayed in a circuit of domestic-scale ‘rooms’, designed for the space at Sydney’s pier 2/3 by Harry Seidler & Associates Architects. 1,279 more words

Life Imitating Art

An Uzi-Wielding Florida Man Dressed Like Rambo Tried To Shoot Up A Bar. He Failed.

37-year-old Daniel Allen Noble left the Europa Bar in Florida’s Palm Coast Saturday night and returned “dressed like Rambo,” according to reports, carrying a gun and two hunting knives, possibly looking to shoot up the place. 397 more words

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