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Wow. It’s been ages! Over a month! I’m the worst blogger ever (newsletter writer, newsletter sender…etc, etc…)

Cherry blossom season has already ended. It seemed to start late and end much too early this year, but it was no less magical than the springs I have been fortunate enough to spend in Japan before. 459 more words


What Makes Your Life Extraordinary?

What Makes Your Life Extraordinary?

In Dead Poet’s Society, Mr Keating takes the boys to the hallway to see the photos of past students and whispers the immortal lines, “Carpe diem. 650 more words


Malachi`s post about simple pleasures in life

1.the smell of coffee brewing                                                      the smell of bedsheets washed and dried outside on a wash line

2.tree leaves unfolding in the spring                                           flowers forming into buds, then slowly opening in their own ways… 487 more words

Life In General

Totally Random!

Sometimes it’s all just going on in the top box, round and round in the empty space between the ears and the only thing left to do is get it out there into the open. 678 more words

Life In General!

this blog should be called the "state of the me address"

because whenever I can’t think of a title for a post, that’s where my brain goes….

Personal Shit

Simple and free pleasures in life

This is a post about simple pleasures that don`t cost anything.You can be perfectly happy and enjoy life without owning much.Nature alone has so many beautiful things to offer. 434 more words


Rome Wasn't Built In A Day!

The site is really coming together. I’m still learning the mechanics of it, but you know what they say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day!” However, I don’t think we can really compare Rome to a simple blog site, but that’s a whole other can of beans I’m not going to open. 741 more words

Life In General