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Halloween Socks!

“Polly Carmichael you are not going Trick or Treating dressed as a sock, and that is the end of it! What on earth has possessed you anyway girl, I’ve told you that you can have any outfit you want and you choose to go as a sock. 1,246 more words

Daily / Weekly Prompts!

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Was looking back through my posts and found this, almost a year old now. It was however one of my favourite pieces of fiction I penned so I am reblogging in early celebration of this years Halloween :)

Paint it Black

I remember how controversial that song by the Rolling Stones was when it first came out.  Everyone thought it was about civil rights, then they thought it was about drugs, then they just hated it because they could.  257 more words


Good Customer Service

I’m not a shopper.  Don’t get me wrong, sure, there are some things that I love to look at (the new Harleys, guitars and gear, stuff at the local Sports Authority, camping gear–pretty much anything you can find in the Bass Pro shop)….but I’ll pass every time if I have to compete with the masses at the local shopping mall. 766 more words

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Put In My Place

My most memorable hajj moment.

Dhul Hijjah 11. The day after Yawm an Nahr. We were walking to our Mina tents from Jamarat after Asr, and although the sun no longer occupied the center of the sky, the heat was relentless all the same. 433 more words

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Today begins my day of starting a schedule for Miss Nora (keep me in your thoughts).  I’m nursing and napping (trying to) at specific times to get into a routine.   425 more words


A Fresh Look at Diversity

Dr. Wiggins is a highly respected presenter and facilitator, in addition to being an educator and author. In today’s post, she shares about her most recent experience. 344 more words

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Three Books that Will Enhance Your Writing

In today’s post, Dr. Wiggins reflects on her recent presentation for the Motown Writers Network as she shares tips for writers.

At my recent presentation for the Motown Writers Network, I shared three books that are invaluable resources to authors. 155 more words

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