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Planet botox meets the midgets [or just a trip to the library]

The library (my blog) i visit is not a trendy place but at times it is both infuriating and can be damm right funny. Hence my title Planet botox meets the midgets. 320 more words


Bad Habits

I couldn’t help but notice that the majority of my blogs revolve around me throwing shade at other people. Truth be told it is one of my greatest qualities- but I’ve decided to turn the mirror on myself and share a few of my more unpleasant qualities. 724 more words

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Why make it so difficult??

I was a child of the 80’s and 90’s. We had the most simplistic of things to wrap our fingers around. Cd’s came out by the time I was a teenager and we had beepers so our friends could get a hold of us when we were not at home. 462 more words

Life In General

Days Like Today

Another good day today, well so far. Lately I wake up in a good mood, maybe it’s because I get “good morning baby” texts; maybe it’s because the nightmares have stopped; or maybe it’s just because I’m actually happy and working on getting my life back. 453 more words

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My husband told me that he wants me to start acting more like a real person. So I told him that real people hold grudges, and I was going to carry a big huge one against him. 268 more words


You can run ... but God WILL find you

In October 2014 I attended a women’s conference that was put on by our new church. I gained a number of things out of this conference, but the main thing I grabbed onto was the calling that I needed to break out of my shell and find my voice. 933 more words

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Facing Demons

We all have our demons, figuratively and maybe even literally.  When Jesus went up the hill side in the Gospel of Mark he summoned to himself those whom he wanted.   291 more words

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