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New Life in Hawaii : The Cheesecake Factory


From the title, you can probably see that I am in Hawaii. For what? For university :) Yes, I am going to school in earthly heaven, please calm your envious eyes. 623 more words


Reader Asks About Electric Costs on Maui


A reader wrote to ask:

My husband and I just returned from our visit to Maui. We have been tossing the idea about of just moving there. 552 more words

Life In Hawaii


life is amazing, isn’t it?

really.  i mean, at the drop of a dime, so many things can change, push us, pull us, drop us to our knees.  208 more words


Lava Flow Moves Closer to Homes


The June 27 lava flow from Kilauea on the Big Island of Hawaii is named for the date it began erupting from a new vent. 184 more words

Life In Hawaii


i really thought this job was my new life.

turns out i was wrong.

this job was a stepping stone to the life i was meant to live.   153 more words


You Know You Live in Hawaii When...

September is the hottest month!


I don’t know what it’s like where you live in September, but people should know that September is the hottest month in Hawaii, particularly if they’re planning a trip here. 192 more words

Life In Hawaii



you know.  CHANGE.

I really did set off to make this about me, and it has been about me, really, representative of who I am and how I deal with stuff/crap/things.   90 more words