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でも、混んでいるときにも、私にとっては高田馬場に特別な雰囲気があります。朝に電車に乗っているときは、電車が着いたら、高田馬場の建物の間から有名なBIG BOXの前に走って、上から馬場が見られます。光景を見て本当に感動します。電車から写真を撮るのはちょっと恥ずかしいので、とりあえず道から撮った写真を見てみてください。

Takadanobaba is the station I use to get to school every day. 635,000 people also are using this station every day, according to Wikipedia. 504 more words


October 23, 2004 - Massive earthquake

What started off as a regular Saturday late shift turned a little more exciting. During one of my voice classes in the evening, the building started shaking. 568 more words

Life In Japan

Furukawa ふる川 Mito, Ibaraki, Japan 茨城県 水戸市

Been a while as I was busy at work and all that good stuff.  Also I’ve been eating a lot of food and getting fat and all jazz.   599 more words


Sake Festival

We were excited about going to the annual Sake festival near Hiroshima (it’s in Saijo) for a long time.  We went three years ago, but we arrived late and all of the good stuff was gone!  299 more words

Life In Japan

乗馬サークル、日本の自動販売機・Horseback riding circle and Japanese vending machines!





I finally succeeded in getting in contact with the horseback riding circle and signing up to participate in November’s activities! It was hard to get in contact with them, but thanks to one of my friends in Niji no kai, I was able to get in contact with one of the circle leaders. 377 more words


Navigating Tokyo: What They Don't Tell You About Taking the Trains

As we welcome visitors to our little city called Tokyo, we have found one of the most common questions is “How do you find your way around this place?” Granted, with over 500 stations across the Tokyo Metropolitan area (and more being added all the time), navigating Tokyo can be a bit tricky. 1,491 more words


A Day at Tokyo Disney Sea

I spent the whole of yesterday at Disney Sea with 3 women from my gigantic family, Aunt, Cousin and Sister-in-law. And yes I’m back in japan,**wohooo** just for a short holiday though. 522 more words