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September 15, 2004 - Drunk teachers

Payday is on the 15th of every month, and the money hits our bank accounts at 12:01am. Naturally, a lot of teachers go out to celebrate with a whole lot of beer. 110 more words

Life In Japan

Tomo no Ura

On Saturday, I went to Tomo no Ura with a a tour group that was hosted by FAGE (Fukuyama Association for Global Exchange). It was a nice 5-6 hour event where we broke into small groups and was able to explore the area with a tour guide. 160 more words

September 14, 2004 - The Blue Parrot

Today I actually woke up at a decent hour and headed to Tokyo for a day of shopping.

Since I am doing a lot of reading on the train to and from work, I was looking to buy some new books. 236 more words

Life In Japan

Mozu Hachiman Festival

Last night I had a most wonderful time! I was invited by one of my fellow teachers to attend an Autumn festival that I had seen in papers but had no idea was so close, nor the location of where it was being held. 366 more words

September 13, 2004 - Tiger Mask

I woke up with a headache and a raspy voice thanks to the farewell party last night. Consequently, I spent most of the day being VERY lazy. 180 more words

Life In Japan

How to Wash Clothes in Japan

A short video on how to wash your clothes in Japan. Nobody want’s smelly threads. I’m learning as I go. I’ll update it when I find out what the other Kanji mean. lol

Wash, Rinse, Spin Dry! 

Life In Japan

Paying Bills in Japan

A brief video on what your bills may look like and where to get them paid! In this video, there is my gas, electric, and cell phone bill. 109 more words

Life In Japan