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One Month

On this day, exactly a month ago, I arrived in the little city of Onomichi. It was sweltering hot and felt like I was swimming through the air it was so humid. 1,231 more words


You know you're living in Japan when...

Stumbled into the kitchen to skull back some coke… accidentally skulled back some soy sauce instead. Lesson learnt. #saltyas #japanlife

JET Programme

Language frustrations *A bit of a rant. Sorry.*

I’ve never been so frustrated by my lack of retention of language usage before. For the first time in my adult life, I was frustrated by my lack of language skills. 448 more words

I am going to be a bad JET blogger (and here is why)

Before coming to Japan, I’d planned on keeping a lively account of my life here as an English teacher. It would be not unlike many of my peers’ work; several JET blogs do an amazing job of sharing about this beautiful, complex country. 629 more words


A Sweet Return Home

The only thing that compares to the adventure of leaving home is the sweetness of coming back to it.

My summer vacation has finally come to a close. 475 more words

Life In Japan

August 25, 2004 - First USB memory stick

Today is hopefully my last day at the internet cafe. I am downloading some drivers to make the ethernet card in my new computer work. Once that is done, I will be able to subscribe to a service provider and have internet in my room at Hello House. 189 more words

Life In Japan

Pikachu and the Transformers Invade Yokohama!

Japanese word of the day: otaku – Extreme fandom or extreme fans. Especially those with a passion for manga or anime

Usually the Akihabara district of Tokyo is Mecca for the otaku but a couple of weeks ago it was all about Yokohama. 404 more words

Life In Japan