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But most importantly ...

On my self introduction worksheet, I asked students if they had any questions for me…there was an overwhelming response asking the same thing….

JET Programme

Festivus For The Rest Of Us

This weekend just past, I finally got into the spirit of the festival season. Japan loves festivals. LOVES them. They hold a festival for just about everything you can think of, AND. 1,159 more words


August 31, 2004 - Gyukaku and Homestar Runner

In the morning I went to the immigration office to update my alien registration card (aka gaijin card). All foreign residents of Japan are required to carry their gaijin cards around at all times, and to keep the information up to date. 124 more words

Life In Japan

August 30, 2004 - Who are you, brutha?

Today I made very good use of a day off. I watched a bunch of episodes of CSI on my computer, worked on the website, and played video games. 268 more words

Life In Japan

August 28, 2004 pt1 - New religions

To get some relief from my insane work schedule, I took some unpaid days off and made plans with The Penpal to go to Izu for the weekend. 602 more words

Life In Japan

Hiking to Wazuka (和束)

Ever since one of T’s student told us about Waduka(pronounced as Wazuka 和束) , we have been trying to visit the place but kept putting it off . 720 more words

Life In Japan

Egg Benedict in Osaka

My first egg benedict was in California. When the plate arrived it was huge, there was no way I could finish it on my own.  I do not like to waste any food and since everybody (almost) ordered the same thing, I am left to fend for my self  :p. 79 more words

Life In Japan