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Happy Easter

Yes, I know it’s Good Friday. It’s still part of the Easter weekend, most of which I will be spending getting caught up on my Camp Nanowrimo project. 35 more words

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Right Now

Yes, I’m going to try a new (if short) post for today instead of rehashing something from last fall.

I’m listening to the soundtrack of Frozen. 197 more words

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Too Many Baskets, Not Enough Eggs

I know it’s closer to St. Patrick’s Day than Easter, but I go with what comes.

And what’s coming right now is a feeling of being stretched too thin. 170 more words

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This Morning's Mail

We don’t typically get a whole lot of actual, physical mail anymore. Sometimes, depending on the time of month and year, we’ll get nothing for days. 317 more words

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This is where all those insidious shoulds come from. The the (mostly) unspoken rules we ‘should’ follow in our lives. The roles we ‘should’ fulfill. And the more we allow to rule us, the more they expand to take up every corner of our lives. 334 more words

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Over and Over

I’ve heard it said that life will keep teaching the same lesson over and over until we finally learn it. I can’t begin to recall where I heard that or who said it. 216 more words

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It's Spring

Finally. Or at least it feels like this winter lasted too long. Of course we still have huge snowbanks, slush and ice in places, and the puddles are more like lakes. 130 more words

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