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Wordless Wednesday: 8 More Sleeps!

There are only eight more sleeps until the jolly old elf in the red suit arrives. There are beautiful signs of Christmas all over the city and at this point even the grinchiest New Yorker must find their heart growing at least one size. 44 more words

Wordless Wednesday: It's Not Christmas Without A Visit To The Post Office!

It’s that time of year where waiting on line is the norm. Waiting to see Santa, waiting to purchase gifts, waiting for caffeinated beverages, waiting to get on a less crowded subway, waiting to let the tourists take a pic, and my least favorite, waiting at the post office. 163 more words

Cookies and Claude Monet | Weekend Recap

Warning: safe to say I will never, ever tire of posting about food. It’s hard to describe precisely or even in comprehensible language my relationship with food and with eating, but it represents something deep, spiritual, and fundamental to me. 1,280 more words


Wordless Wednesday: Holiday Train Show 2014

Happy December! It is the best time for exploring the sights of NYC. Okay, maybe I say that about every season but I do especially love the magic of this city around the Christmas holiday. 178 more words

Wordless Wednesday: The Mighty Empire

She is such a beauty as she quietly watches over the city and sneakily follows your every move. It is worth taking your hand out of a glove on a bitter cold day to capture her magnificence. Happy Wednesday!

Wordless Wednesday: Enjoying A Quiet Moment

Thanks to my amazing husband I have had the opportunity to get away for a few days, just me, by myself. It has been wonderful. What I have enjoyed the most is just being able to reflect and zone out in peace and quiet. 48 more words

I went to a Jewish Singles Party and made out with an Irish man.

    So I went to a Jewish singles party last weekend. I didn’t learn until that afternoon that it was 35-50, making me at least 5 years younger then the next youngest person there (I am 30, 3-0, and nothing more). 373 more words

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