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Wordless Wednesday: The Mighty Empire

She is such a beauty as she quietly watches over the city and sneakily follows your every move. It is worth taking your hand out of a glove on a bitter cold day to capture her magnificence. Happy Wednesday!

Wordless Wednesday: Enjoying A Quiet Moment

Thanks to my amazing husband I have had the opportunity to get away for a few days, just me, by myself. It has been wonderful. What I have enjoyed the most is just being able to reflect and zone out in peace and quiet. 48 more words

I went to a Jewish Singles Party and made out with an Irish man.

    So I went to a Jewish singles party last weekend. I didn’t learn until that afternoon that it was 35-50, making me at least 5 years younger then the next youngest person there (I am 30, 3-0, and nothing more). 373 more words

Life In NYC

I found me

My boyfriend had to leave town for a bit and I’m finding myself with all of this wonderful free time. It’s not like my time is normally spent idly staring at him, but life is so different when you’re going at your own rhythm. 260 more words


Wordless Wednesday: Fancy Like That

It is one of those boring days filled with errands, appointments and nothing really too exciting to write about or even take a picture of. And then, just like that, you turn the corner and see a fire hydrant all dressed up with a hat… In NYC, we are fancy like that ;) Made me smile. 11 more words

Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile

Once upon a time my girls were happy, crooked smile, super cute, very confident little girls.  As my daughters approach their teen years the questions and conversations around their bodies, female celebrities’ bodies, models’ bodies in magazines and ads, has picked up considerably.   665 more words

Life In Nyc

Wordless Wednesday: Walking To The East Side And Back Again

It is another beautiful day here in NYC. We have had a spectacular Fall filled with lots of sunshine and mild temperatures. I am trying to enjoy every moment as I know that winter is indeed coming. 107 more words