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Wordless Wednesday: A Little Ice On A Smoking Hot Day

We are trying to make summer last as long as possible by enjoying a family vacation in Orlando. It certainly feels like summer here with temperatures topping 100 degrees. 84 more words

Wordless Wednesday: The Birdcage

Today was a day to hang on the couch and watch movies. In honor of Robin Williams we decided to watch a couple of his movies. 51 more words

Wordless Wednesday: Just The Two Of Us (And Dopey Dog)

I sit here writing this with my cup of tea, the dog at my feet, sitting in a chair that is overlooking the lake. The sun is fighting to come out from behind the clouds, the wind is gently blowing and the only sound I can hear are the waves lapping on the shore. 167 more words

Baby It's Cold Inside

Thank you Brian Lehrer for tackling the debilitating problem that is the freezing cold summer office.

When I worked for The Food Start-Up – two men, one woman (me) locked in a Dumbo office – during the summer I would go from hot sweaty mess outside to shivering snif-sniffer inside because the AC was cranked down to Arctic temperatures. 107 more words

Living In NYC

John Oliver on Port Authority: "Really Creeps Me Out"

I’ve only passed through Port Authority a couple of times – once coming back from Woodbury Common, another time, probably going to Philly for the weekend – and it’s hard to believe this kind of depressing transport hub exists in the heart of Modern Day New York City. 39 more words

Living In NYC

19 True Tweets about Life in New York City

Life as a New Yorker, whether recent transplant or lifer, is filled with trials and tribulations. Where else is the heart-thumping fear of slipping down salty subway stairs a very real threat for at least four months of the year? 69 more words

Living In NYC

Wordless Wednesday: Controlling the Super Beast!

On Sunday Ron, Dopey-dog and myself will be heading to New Hampshire for a week long vacation at a little cabin we have rented. Dopey (our city dog) won’t know what hit him. 256 more words