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Wordless Wednesday: Controlling the Super Beast!

On Sunday Ron, Dopey-dog and myself will be heading to New Hampshire for a week long vacation at a little cabin we have rented. Dopey (our city dog) won’t know what hit him. 256 more words

While The Kids Are Away, Mom And Dad Will Play!

Sleepaway camp. Two wonderful words, almost as good as the words back to school… just kidding… sort of. This is the third summer that the girls have gone away to a camp in New Hampshire and the second summer they have been gone for a full four weeks. 382 more words

Wordless Wednesday: Just a Little Stroll...

So, I went to a Soul Cycle class today in the West Village to participate in the amazing Anandah Carter’s last community ride before she takes the podium as an instructor. 107 more words

flashback friday.........my beloved new york city

– Bryant park and daffodils in bloom

– Headed back from Brooklyn on the subway

– Bryant Park carousel and flowers included

– Union Square subway station – take a load off… 23 more words


Wordless Wednesday: That Time Of Year Again...

Packing for camp. We drive the girls to New Hampshire on Saturday and although I have had the packing “done in my head” for weeks, I actually had to get to it today. 99 more words

He Raped Me Now He Wants To Be My Friend

I am a rape victim. I’ve never written or spoken publicly about this ordeal. But almost half of my life later, the traumatic experience stills haunts me. 1,199 more words

Maquita Peters

Wordless Wednesday: Summer in the City

The girls leave for camp in a little over a week. It has been nice to have them home, enjoying a no schedule, relaxing start to the summer. 167 more words