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Wordless Wednesday: Finding A Splash Of Color In The Rain

Today is a gloomy, rainy day. But I couldn’t help but notice little bursts of color that would not be muted among the concrete jungle. I hope you enjoy a little splash of sunshine among the raindrops. Happy Wednesday :)

Mad for #MadSqEats

If there’s one thing that will never stop being beautiful, enticingly, luxuriously beautiful, about this magnificent city, it is the accessibility to food.

Constant. Omnipresent. Stomach-churning. 1,031 more words


Wordless Wednesday: Starting The Day With A Different View

I have to do 6 weeks of O/T on my pinky. Yes, you read that right, on my pinky. A couple of weeks ago I was at R’s baseball game and a foul ball was coming at my head. 159 more words

We Baked For A Great Cause And You Can Too!!

In my Friday post I wrote about the amazing Bake It Happen fundraising campaign for Breast Cancer Research. It is simple- just head on over to the Bake It Happen website: … 214 more words

Wordless Wednesday: We Went For A Walk

Dopey immediately started giving me the puppy dog eyes as soon as I walked back into the apartment this morning. The sun was streaming in the window, the air is crisp and cool, a perfect day to stroll along Riverside Park. 87 more words

A Plunger Story

One Sunday afternoon, several years ago, I plugged up our apartment’s only toilet. At the time, I was living in one of those luxury apartment buildings that are fully equipped with all kinds of exciting amenities like a gym, a dry cleaner on site, a game room, a 24-hour maintenance staff – you get the idea. 863 more words

Life In NYC

Wordless Wednesday: Happy October!

We have had a spectacular September. It really has been an extension of the summer… Beautiful, warm, sunny, blue sky days and mild nights. Definitely nothing to complain about. 68 more words