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Paris now has some of the most incredible breakfast places, which makes me happy because it’s my favorite meal of the day. It’s highly likely I’ll suggest a breakfast date when getting together with friends. 379 more words

Life In Paris


The French notion of a year follows the academic calendar. The year begins in September à la rentrée, not in January. This year is now ending; the mass exodus of Parisians and Paris-dwellers from the French capital has begun. 288 more words

Life In Paris

We Missed Our Train to Cannes!

Let this be a lesson and a warning to all ye who attempt to arrive 30 minutes prior to departure time!

Sometimes those 30 minutes turn into 20 when you miss the first metro, or you don’t know how to work the automatic ticket boxes, or you get a sudden case of the runs. 51 more words


A Breakdown of the Cannes Trip

We’re off to Cannes tomorrow!

My wife’s favorite band (30 Seconds to Mars) is playing there on Friday and we already got tickets for the show! 227 more words


Bastille Day and Paris's Belated Welcome for Our Family

First of all, I learned that nobody here calls is the “Bastille Day”. It’s merely the Fête National.

Anyway, yesterday was incredible. We started out day a little late and missed the Military Parade, but we more than made up for it later at the Champs de Mars. 466 more words


Plans for Bastille Day

Bastille Day is finally here!

We missed the Military Parade this morning but that’s only left us time to go foraging for a decent picnic basket for tonight. 190 more words


為了追夢, 把自己弄得傷痕累累。但不管多苦,多累,該堅持的,還是放棄不了。。。

Must Keep Going.

Life In Paris