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Amazing Thailand.....Literally

I woke up at 8:00 on Sunday morning. I could hear a slight drizzle as i awakened from my groggy state. Sure enough i looked outside and it was raining, albeit softly. 883 more words

Life In Thailand

TJ looks like a Pixar character

Arrrrrrr!!!!! Look at the doggy woggy!!!!

Yeah, they’re getting cuter. Unfortunately for me i don’t get to see them as much any more now they are living at my landlady’s mum and dad’s house. 663 more words


Fucktard Vs Fucktard Version 2.0, who is the ultimate Fucktard?

Back story

A few months ago one of my students kept saying ‘yes’ to everything. He was taking an advanced English class yet clearly had no clue what i was saying and simply said yes all the time, resulting in hilarious situations and eventually blog posts. 959 more words


Chris is taking up my blog titles again, hopefully this is the season finale!

Can you explain to me what the flick that is????

It’s ‘The Artist Formerly Known as Thacker’s’ expensive looking recording studio! He asked me to come back to do some more accents. 871 more words


เจ, Thai Vegetarian Festival is on!

Is it a festival or a tragedy?

Well, obviously for me, it is the latter. When you find a nasty looking Lad Na that is also vegetarian after a stressful morning of final exams with the Primary classes at the lunch table, you would probably be more enraged than I was. 139 more words

Life In Thailand

I called one of the puppies Shaniqua and got away with it....


Yep, the 6 puppies are called Damon (after a 6 foot 8 white guy that lives here, the husky is white and much bigger than the rest!), Runt (because she’s tiny), TJ, Nicky, James…… and Shaniqua. 1,094 more words