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A ping pong show that didn't involve many ping pong balls......

Resorting to re-using old pictures again? Slacker!

Yeah i tried to upload the pictures i took last week put for some reason they wouldn’t go onto my computer. 1,428 more words


Christine's Chronicles: When in Bangkok do as the Bangkokkers do



Street scene of Soi Yasoob in Bangkok during the mid-1970s.

“How Not to Spend Your First Day in Bangkok, Thailand” by One Who’s Been There & Done That…

1,721 more words

Sheldon brushes up well!!!

Nice suit!

Cheers! My mate is getting married in August so i’m going back to England and i thought it was the perfect excuse to get a suit. 1,022 more words


What I Do and What I Don’t in Thailand – Part 1

I thought of making the title of this latest series of posts “Dos and Don’ts in Thailand”. But then that would be telling you what you should and shouldn’t do while living here. 2,080 more words

Life In Thailand

Chris Wars, Episode 2: The Artist Formerly Known As Thacker strikes back


Errrr…… What is….What is that?

Chris is getting his recordings ready for his book and for some reason he thought it would be a good idea to include me in this. 699 more words


See? I kept my word.....

Indeed you did. So, whats crackalacking?

A lot has been crackalacking if i’m honest with you. I’ve been teaching and writing a lot, but I’ve mainly been watching Breaking Bad and winning the Serie C2A title with San Marino on Football Manager waiting for my internet to turn back on so i can pick up where i left off. 652 more words


Sorry i'm late, I've got a whole bunch of excuses ready.....

This better be good…..

I lost my internet connection for nearly two weeks so I’ve been sitting here twiddling my thumbs waiting on it. Not last Saturday, the Saturday before was going to be… 410 more words