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New Hoops To Jump Through

Following in the wake of this year’s military coup in Thailand, there came a general tightening-up of immigration rules. The rules governing tourist visas and the so-called visas-on arrival seemed to change every few days during the summer with rampant rumors. 1,002 more words

Life In Thailand

What does 'Geek' mean in Thai?

I was out with one of my students having dinner with her (I know, I abuse my power so much!) And we got on to the subject of talking about other students. 684 more words



Our group decided to go see the elephants during one of our free Saturdays! Please enjoy the pictures!! We even got some exclusive time with a couple elephants in the back and we got some really great pictures!

Life In Thailand

Amazing Thailand.....Literally

I woke up at 8:00 on Sunday morning. I could hear a slight drizzle as i awakened from my groggy state. Sure enough i looked outside and it was raining, albeit softly. 883 more words

Life In Thailand

TJ looks like a Pixar character

Arrrrrrr!!!!! Look at the doggy woggy!!!!

Yeah, they’re getting cuter. Unfortunately for me i don’t get to see them as much any more now they are living at my landlady’s mum and dad’s house. 663 more words


Fucktard Vs Fucktard Version 2.0, who is the ultimate Fucktard?

Back story

A few months ago one of my students kept saying ‘yes’ to everything. He was taking an advanced English class yet clearly had no clue what i was saying and simply said yes all the time, resulting in hilarious situations and eventually blog posts. 959 more words