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Suzy's had puppies!!!!!


How many?

6 altogether. They’re all various shades but we won’t know for sure what colours they are until after a couple of weeks when they actually start looking like dogs. 862 more words

Life In Thailand

Along the Khlong

Along with the nickname the Big Mango (a moniker I find quite entertaining) Bangkok is sometimes referred to as the “Venice of the East” because of the many canals crisscrossing the city. 479 more words

Life In Thailand

The Rainbow Lollipops series

Sketches while feet are dragged into work, they get water coloured in hastened return home.

A simple wish to the tired soul, to splatter in the rain, to splish splash in the puddle. 68 more words

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The D-Haus

Hey Everyone, I wanna give you a basic rundown of our living quarters.

First we have our main room, which is probably close to 600 sq feet! 117 more words

Life In Thailand

A New Adventure!

So today marks a day less than my first week in Thailand! So far it’s been pretty crazy. I have survived though, despite my slightly (ok, more than slightly) picky eating habits. 818 more words

Life In Thailand

Marketing sucks. Do you know what sucks? Marketing....

You know, you’re such a whiny little bitch!

Yeah that’s true. Only because i never thought marketing would ever be relevant in my life. I used to look at people who studied subjects like Marketing and think, “What a doss subject!” Now i’m quietly envious. 1,320 more words


Thai Mother's Day- A long weekend of unusuals

August 12 is the Queen of Thailand’s birthday, which is the main reason for the occassion. This year, the date fell on a Tuesday and the Junta, the current ruling body, has decided to declare the day before it (Monday) an official holiday to give way for the working class to go visit their mothers in the provinces. 382 more words

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