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ICA Volleyball Girls

When was the last time you held a ball in your hands and owned your first strike?

It’s my second week getting involved in the ICA Volleyball Girls Team and I have never felt more driven in sports like I have in forever. 158 more words

Life In Thailand

Hashtag 20 baht frenzy

Are you living in Thailand? Have you heard about the #20bahtfrenzy ?

If you do, you already probably know that this is the time of the year in Thailand where fruits of all sorts can be bought for 20baht per kilo! 202 more words

Life In Thailand

Blog, Bangkok, and Beyond

Just a few days ago our humble blog celebrated its 100,000th visit. For the last few years I have enjoyed sharing my ideas about living in Thailand with so many who are thinking of naming Thailand their retirement home. 1,645 more words

Life In Thailand

Guess who's back....Back again....Fucktard's back....Tell a friend....

Fucktard’s back, Fucktard’s back, Fucktard’s back, Fucktard’s back, NA NA NA!

Yep, he’s back. He wrote a letter to my school saying what he wanted to learn for the next 20 hours, it said something along the lines of…. 751 more words


Immigration offices suck!

And that’s putting it politely!

I just got my work permit renewed 2 Thursdays ago. They said to me to go into the immigration office the next day (Friday) so i can get my visa extended for another year. 814 more words

Life In Thailand

Thailand Journal: A Trip To The Grocery Store

We took a trip to the grocery store and thought we’d share it with you.  We’ve got a few photos for you, although they’re not quite the breathtaking landscape views and unbearably good looking selfies that you’re probably used to by now.   285 more words


3 reasons why a bag of soil is very important

I recently bought a 5-kilo bag of soil for 20baht at the garden shop nearby and now that I have found that it is easier than digging from the backyard, I plan to buy a bag every month. 392 more words

Life In Thailand