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Making art day and night

Lately, most of my day times are devoted to my commissioned paintings. I haven’t done any of my own work. Every evening when I going home I am feeling something is missing. 112 more words

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Commission painting for a dream client

Although I done many commissioned paintings but still I find it far more difficult than painting for myself. In most cases, the clients just gave me a subject and let me do whatever I like but I still worry I might not producing what they expecting. 164 more words

Alfred Ng Art

How about some colour, Helsinki?

I just recently got back from my favorite city, from Berlin. In the inspiring German capital you can basically find anything, that surprises you on the streets. 107 more words


Sweet almond soup

Most of the western meals end with desert such as cake or pastry however at the end of a Chinese meal; a hot soup desert is served. 59 more words

Complaining is the natural opera of New York. The arias spill out onto the streets, over tablecloth, between smartphones.

That’s all you get.

New York City doesn’t love you.

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Life In The City

Cameras not welcome!

I am a courageus traveller. I often explore places many people would not go to and often I end up finding extremely interesting places that I have never heard of before. 626 more words


Mother's birthday dinner

Yesterday was my mother’s 82 birthdays. Although her birthday was last month but she insists it was not her real birthday as she only goes by the Chinese calendar birthday. 147 more words