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Let me get this straight, we're going for dinner and we're NOT eating Sushi?!

Before initially arriving in Japan, I had visions of delectable Sushi & Sashimi dancing in my dreams. Masterfully constructed Nori-maki, tightly woven with sheets of seaweed containing the freshest, most vibrant Ingredients. 975 more words


Tiny Shoe

Walking down the street
I came across a tiny shoe
Which someone had gently
Rested against this shutter
I wondered about the tiny foot
That fit the tiny shoe… 11 more words

Life In Tokyo

Well, that's just WEIRD : Japanese Ice Cream

Living abroad certainly has its share of perks, and one which I’m happily bombarded with on a daily basis is the joys of experiencing unique and delicious foods of a foreign country. 832 more words


My (not so) Secret Addiction

Ever hear the phrase “Taking photos like a Japanese Tourist”?

Well, it’s no secret. I’m quite positive everybody has heard/used this phrase and honestly, the cultural stereotype really lives up to it’s name. 651 more words


Things I've learned living in Japan: Random rants & musings

I’ve spent the past 12 odd months living in Japan…


So, here’s a list of some things that I’ve learned, some things that I’ve observed, and some things that have down right made go “What in the ACTUAL Fuck?!” 936 more words


I Think I Can Bear It

This has been one of those weeks where I really have to fight the urge to dig a hole and bury myself in it. I’ve still got this Sword of Damocles writing project hanging over my head, although I just finished half of it. 596 more words

Life In Tokyo