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I Think I Can Bear It

This has been one of those weeks where I really have to fight the urge to dig a hole and bury myself in it. I’ve still got this Sword of Damocles writing project hanging over my head, although I just finished half of it. 596 more words

Life In Tokyo

The Out-of-focus Cat

People keep asking me what breed of cat Twitchy is. Hmmm. She’s clearly mostly Tabby, but while most Tabbies are a combination of grey/black or caramel/butterscotch stripes and spots, she’s got all of that. 110 more words

Life In Tokyo

Budget Japanese for the Cheapskate

If you, like me, are a starving artist, a student, or just suffering from scroogitis, this list of free or relatively cheap resources for learning Japanese should appeal to you. 583 more words



A friend recently asked if we’re the kind of people who keep our windows closed and locked. Nope. Unless there’s a downpour, they’re pretty much always open. 308 more words

Life In Tokyo

It's Time

I bought a clock at the 100yen store and it’s made with genuine quarts. Quarts of what, I don’t know, but as my friend Scratchy always says, “What a bargain!”

Life In Tokyo