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28th March

Today is my second day of my studying. We must walk 25 minutes from or hostel to here every morning…..The building is located on the main Queen’s Health Science Campus, near to other medical/science labs and the Belfast City Hospital. 26 more words

Life In UK

27th March

credit from Queen Uni Belfast  


This is the place I am going to study for next few months.  I met Dr Aisling 8:50am in her office in a cool cool morning. 72 more words

Life In UK

26th March

Climate today not so cool because no raining day. I really felt so… cool, so I decided to buy a jacket from Queen University Belfast. Cost me 20 pound. 33 more words

Life In UK

25th March: Campus tour

Today is my second day here. Climate here cool cool cool. I am so regret not bring enough winter clothes and glove here. My activities today is campus tour and Meet Dr. 671 more words

Life In UK

The day left for UK Belfast at Changi Aiport

As our Visa Matter , we had to delay one week departure.Below was our Itinerary Singapore Students

23th  March 

Dr. Girija and Esther Chng (Dr) to the Changi Airport sent off Shu Jun and Chuan Yi who left for the Belfast UK . 173 more words

Life In UK

 As part of the diploma course at Republic Polytechnic, the student will be completing one semester of study at Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom from 17th March to 30th June . 538 more words

Life In UK