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Going to the Extremes

We want to embrace a position on things, everywhere we are being asked for our opinion. We want to look as though we are confident.We want to share why we feel the way we do, and in the end it puts us at odds with each other. 359 more words

Doing Things That Will Change Your Life

Things overheard: 2

In the security queue at Kabul airport (which is frequently attacked):

“Oh, it’s a box of cigarettes. You shouldn’t smoke, you know. It’s not good for your health – it kills you”


Glorifying Suicide as Brave is a Disgrace to Life

I am  not exactly sure why it took me so long to decide what outrageous thing to write about this week, when the obvious topic has been gnawing at my heart. 1,767 more words

Today's Outrage!!

Dust yourself off!!

The hardest part about falling as you journey through life is not necessarily the standing back up, but rather dusting yourself off. When we fail and make mistakes it’s sometimes so hard to let go of those feelings of defeat or to simply forgive ourselves when we need to. 156 more words

Grow Old Along With Me

There is no reason to be afraid of getting old, it is not something you can change. Furthermore it is not something you likely want to stop doing. 311 more words


The Colors of Your Mood

Changing moods. Something that we all experience at many times in the course our lives, in the course of a minute, hour or day in fact.. 132 more words


So, you think you're special because you only live once? YO-- NO!

Over the past few years, we have all become irritatingly familiar with the term YOLO. Constantly I find myself surrounded by phrases like “Let’s party all weekend because YOLO”, “Come on man, try it; YOLO!”, or the classic “Not wearing any pants today, YOLO!” Society has taken a seemingly-innocent motivational phrase and turned it into a widespread excuse to drink, smoke, and do otherwise stupid things. 621 more words