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Resolution#01 : Anger Management

Do you know Anger is an Addiction?

Letting it out will make you more angry, can raise your blood pressure, heart beat, and get you completely irrational and against yourself? 320 more words

The People

The Colors of Your Mood

Changing moods. Something that we all experience at many times in the course our lives, in the course of a minute, hour or day in fact.. 132 more words


So, you think you're special because you only live once? YO-- NO!

Over the past few years, we have all become irritatingly familiar with the term YOLO. Constantly I find myself surrounded by phrases like “Let’s party all weekend because YOLO”, “Come on man, try it; YOLO!”, or the classic “Not wearing any pants today, YOLO!” Society has taken a seemingly-innocent motivational phrase and turned it into a widespread excuse to drink, smoke, and do otherwise stupid things. 621 more words


Proverbs 25:11 A word fitly spoken (and) in due season is like apples of gold in settings of silver.


This is a truth that we should remember when talking with or to anyone, but especially when talking to our children.   187 more words

The Weekend Funnies - What's Important in Life

What’s really important in life?

Tonight, I sat down to watch a football movie with the family called The Fifth Quarter, the inspirational true story of a young teenage boy named Luke Abbate who was in a car accident. 112 more words


The Countdown-Clock

In sports most of the competitive team sports feature some sort of clock. A timed segment in which to complete a game, take a shot, play a play, complete a period or quarter. 248 more words


Life is Precious

Today, Robin Williams was found dead in his home. It was said to be suicide. He always seemed so happy and positive and inspirational, but no one knows what happens behind closed doors. 222 more words