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Why Don't You Say Hello!?

There are times when it seems we are just not connected to what’s going on around us. There are certainly times when I pass by someone on the street or in a store and they seem to be so deeply into “their world” that it can take pause to wonder if they realize they are in public. 327 more words

Doing Things That Will Change Your Life

We love chocolate!

When I first knew I was pregnant with our first baby, I had this completely absurd vision of cloth nappies, home grown and pureed vegetables for weaning, neatly organised wooden toys and a pure, tv-free, sugar-free organic upbringing of my precious child. 308 more words


The Value of Friendship

My wife and I have learned some valuable lessons in our lives. Those lessons have come to provide us with the insight and wisdom of being older. 415 more words

Doing Things That Will Change Your Life

Fear of the Unknown

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”

Maria Robinson, American author

New beginnings come with the idea that there is always unknowns about where the journey should lead. 274 more words

Doing Things That Will Change Your Life

Quick Lessons from the Catechism: Euthanasia and Suicide

By now most people have either heard or read about the decision by Brittany Maynard to end her life on November 1. A decision that makes me shack my head every time I think about it. 807 more words

Quick Lessons From The CCC

Children of God


Just like THE DUDE

If a kid can look this adorable with dirt on his face… well then, he has a bright future. hah… 86 more words


Joy in the Junk of Life

Joy is pretty awesome right? I mean, I’ve always loved the idea of joy. I know there are times I definitely feel joyful. I enjoy pinning joyful reminders to my inspiration board with thousands of other joyful Pinterest users. 954 more words

Celebrate Life