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It seems like these days everyone I meet is  working so hard to be different. Make every day different, be different from the person to the left and right of us. 288 more words


Embrace the Day

A smell, the weather, a certain sound, a book, a song, a painting, a color, a texture.

So many things capture memories, trigger the recall of things that have been- things that are. 189 more words

Doing Things That Will Change Your Life

A Lesson from a 'false' Tick Bite

One of the things that really aggravates me is having to cancel a plan due to the rain(or snow, or any weather conditions that limit the human activities).  749 more words

One Life Remaining

Life Priorities

Your life’s priorities. If you had to list them you may find it easy or it may be harder than you expected.

I’m guessing that day-to-day however, you probably don’t allow much  time to reference that list. 321 more words

Doing Things That Will Change Your Life

Be grateful


Two people I know are struggling with medical problems. I just read about a

woman who died from leukemia early this morning. Be grateful for your life. 61 more words

When you feel down, do not give up!

It is never over.

You should believe in yourself. Life is too precious to waste.
And remember. If you feel that you could not do it any more, do not take the last step. 191 more words

Meaning Of Life

Life is full of blessings

Whatever life has give to you, see it as a blessing. Many times life seem to be very difficult, but you have to remember that it is extremely valuable. 163 more words

Life Is Precious