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Stay Positive !

As I walked towards census market in the surulere region on that beautiful afternoon with the intention to notify the market women that our team is coming to sensitize them about the deadly flu… 525 more words

Life Issues

Parents Should Not Compare Their Children To Others

I grew up seeing elders who keep on comparing their children to other people. There were many times when I had a talk with my friends’ parents and out of a sudden they opened up topics about whom’s kid is better or more successful, and then comparison would be there. 976 more words


Quid est Veritas? Answering My Friend

In an incisive comment following my last blog article, “God is the God of All Truth: Revised Article,” one dear, old friend of mine asked the perennial question, “What is truth?” It is, of course, the same question asked by Pilate to Jesus, “quid est veritas?” (John 18.38) 717 more words


A Journey of a thousand miles

My previous post about the 10 reasons as to why I am impossible to date really opened up my eyes despite me being the author. I probably needed to write it down to get a revelation. 1,374 more words

Life Issues


Sorry it has been so long since my last update.. Writers block…
It means a lot xo

A nostalgic mind
An unsettled person… 99 more words

Life Issues

Barrenness and Mistaken Sexual Identity

The following was written by Rebecca Mayes and posted on He Remembers the Barren.  Thank you, Rebecca.

One of the aspects of barrenness that is so awkward is the fact that the “success” of your marital relations (more modernly called your “sex life”) with your spouse is often scrutinized by those around you, either privately in their own minds, or quite publicly to your face. 721 more words

Life Issues