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24.10.14 Coffee isn't doing it

My insight never seems deep enough. I put no effort into digging for a purpose. I’ve been stuck in my head for months trying to figure out if where I am at, in this life, is enough for me. 454 more words

Advice Needed

Let’s talk JESUS and Community Development!

Seriously, do you know that Jesus Christ is interested in community development! I got this gist from the bible!

Who is this Jesus and why is he interested in community development? 403 more words

Life Issues


So after some great feedback from family/friends I’ve decided to keep posting. To be honest I’d probably still post even if no one read this… Anyway… I’ve been having a few issues setting up my own internet in Korea and… well I’ve been having little personal issues left and right. 527 more words


Thoughts on Democracy

After the incident in Ottawa yesterday the three weeks of protest in Hong Kong, here are my thoughts on democracy.

Faith Issues

Eyes Are Open.

Up until a few months ago, I realised that were a few things in my life that made me unhappy, yet I was still holding onto them. 204 more words

Life Issues.

My Breast Cancer Awareness Segment on Local Memphis Live

This morning I went on Local Memphis Live to discuss Breast Cancer Awareness and curediva.com!

I’ve tried a million times but it won’t let me embed the video here *ugh* so here is the link. Apologies! :)

Life Issues

Tainted perfection

Eyes sore from tears
Your words imprinted into my memory
As a young girl, you too me were an angel
Perfect and always right
I hung onto your every word… 176 more words

Life Issues