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What In The World Did I Start?!?

Hello blogging world!

So it is day 2 of my 8 week healthy living challenge and I am already having trouble.

First of all it seems that I am the only one participating in this challenge (which is not that surprising to me). 232 more words

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Things I've Learned in Adulthood

I’ve only completed a very short tenure as an adult and I feel I have learned a decent amount. I want this to be focused on the list of things that stand out to me in regards to things I have learned as a way of sharing with you: 488 more words


On The Road Again...

Just when I thought I would never have to look at a packing box again, life called and said, “You need to go to Nineveh” 143 more words

Baby Boomers

Turn down for what?

Alcohol! Who doesn’t love those unexpected tequila shots at 2am in the morning? Well pretty much everyone actually. But alcohol is a staple in our culture as Australians. 892 more words

Life Journey

Renew Me...

The water sloshed around in the clay pitcher as the girl carried it on her shoulders. She had worked so very hard to fill the pitcher knowing how precious the water was and how much she would need for the day. 1,346 more words

Press Release for Land of Deep Water


JACKSON, MI – Honduras and other Central American countries have been in the news recently because of the number of children coming from there to the United States. 350 more words

On Life And Writing