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Dear Friend,

Sometimes you just have to be patient with your feelings.

The Past

Dear Friend,

The past never ceases to be relevant.

Just Because You're Beautiful Doesn't Mean I'm Not

Last night as I was watching reruns of the Victoria’s Secret fashion show 2014 I was reminded of a time not too long ago when I was mistakenly under the foolish assumption that life is like a beauty contest – there can only be 1 most beautiful female in the room. 312 more words


Merry Christmas?

Im 37 with no possibility to have children naturally, divorced and since last week unemployed too. How does that sound? Scary? Oh yeah…I can tell. And I forgot to add that it’s few days before Christmas. 739 more words


My Feelings in Pictures

What is it about a magical moment that you can capture? Does it matter if no one else sees it too? Why did it speak to you? 170 more words


Life lesson #6

Ada hal-hal yang sebaiknya tidak dipaksakan karena bukan hanya membuang tenaga, namun tak jarang merusak diri ~blueismycolour



Finding Joy through a Broken Window

Last Saturday morning started off how most of my Saturday morning’s start off: a run on the Olentangy River Bike Trail. Little did I know, the rest of the week that followed would be dramatically different than I had planned. 810 more words

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