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Cloaked in Compassion

Living in rural Florida with no air conditioner or internet, Marjorie Rawlings used this typewriter and dictionary to write The Yearling. She became the first woman to win a Pulitzer Prize. 25 more words

Life Lesson

Honesty, Always The Best Policy

I was listening to American Pie on my iPhone while driving three of my kids the final 75 miles to our home in Washington from our four day road trip to Northern California. 652 more words


Thoughts after 500 posts...

Good Saturday Morning from Paris, France!!

Looking at my WordPress Dashboard, it’s reminding me today it will be posting my 500th post.

I migrated my Single Woman Travels! 590 more words


The End Goal

I was raised by a goal-oriented project manager.

I’ve taught and worked with adolescents for seven years, but back home I had babies and toddlers to clean up after. 986 more words

FtF Day 12: Ch-Ch-Ch-CHANGES!

Are those my ribs? Is that really what I’m seeing in the mirror? AWESOME! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want a skeletal look at the end of this. 454 more words

Life Lesson

FtF Day 11: A New Attitude

I’m learning so much about so many things during this process, but none more so than my own body. I used to blame the poor thing for forcing me to need chocolate in excess once a month. 457 more words

Life Lesson

No Dramas!

I like to keep things simple… and I hate dramas! Heal problems with a cuppa and a chat, find comfort in clean bed sheets, and know that a simple smile can make someone’s day. 34 more words