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Believe. Let It Go vs Give Up

Hello, again! I hope that you have a great week as I am. Last week I went holiday to a beach where just 6-hours-trip from my current city. 172 more words

Life Lesson

Day 30-Let the Children Rest

You may think this post is going to be about letting your child get their sleep out. You would be wrong. ;-) While that is extremely important, this post is about letting those things you wish your child would “hurry up and do” rest sometimes. 795 more words


Seven Symbols #3

3 Fast-Food

For my third symbol of seven I would choose a “Tupperware” box into which I would place a McDonald’s “Big Mac” Burger, alongside a piece of “Kentucky Fried Chicken”. 324 more words

Life Lesson

Countdown to 30 - Life Lesson #8 - When To Run

I have written about this before, but it is an important life lesson I have learned, and so it is a MUST in my 30 day countdown to 30. 1,067 more words

Life Lesson

Big vs Small

“Rogue! I know you are angry. Paby is playing with your faaavorite outdoor toy. You want him to get off, so you pushed him down, is that right?” 571 more words


Remembering London

It seems like just yesterday I was studying in London…taking the tube to each destination, getting lost, relying on any coffee shop or shopping center for a wifi connection, and trying to stay sane in the madness of rush hour. 276 more words


trust your instincts

Online dating is pretty exhausting.

I tend to go through “rounds” of dates within a 2-3 week period before I decide on who I’m interested in getting to know better.

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Online Dating