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Tom 365 - April 17, 2014

The dumb ducks are back.

This pair has been trying to start a family in our neighbors pool for the past few years. The eggs have never survived.

Survival of the fittest, right?


DAY 107 (2014)

In keeping with my recurrent theme of realizing how fear has kept me from moving forward. I have recently started studying (seriously studying for my GRE). 287 more words


Stop Comparing...

Stop comparing your life to that of others

for you have no idea what their lives

are really like behind closed doors


12 Catalysts For Discovering Your Inner Hero

“We will see that our greatest crisis leaders toil in sadness when society is happy, seeking help from friends and family and doctors. Sometimes they’re up, sometimes they’re down, but they’re never quite well. 1,794 more words

Life Lessons

What We Look For...

If you’re always looking for the bad in life that’s all you’ll ever see,

change your perception and change your life