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Life Advice from my Fairy Godmother

As I was having a very emotional moment today. I happened to bother my fairy God Mother, Ate Patmei Ruivivar and was venting out. Then inner peace and at the same time there was the inner “light bulb” moment. 190 more words


Life Lesson - The Journey of You

I have always found that life truly is about creating oneself. And in creating yourself through experiences we will become confident in who we are. Make life about || C R E A T I O N||. 55 more words


Confessions of a Reformed Addict

Another morning of disappointment. The night started with such promise. I set my clothes out. It was early (before 10pm). I turned off all electronics an hour before so the light would not wreak havoc with my melatonin. 489 more words


A Thank You Letter to Fishing

Recently I have been trying to make it a point to write a heartfelt thank you note once a week to someone that has had a positive impact in my life (for the record it has been an incredibly rewarding process, and something I highly recommend). 443 more words


It was 30 years ago today…...

….well, not TODAY exactly, but it was 30 years ago that I graduated high school.  This past weekend I got together with my three best high school friends for a mini-reunion.   451 more words


Serially Found Part I

That cold December Night we had gone to Belfast to do some last minute Christmas shopping. I was about two weeks before Christmas Eve and my wife had insisted there were only a few things that she had to pick up. 729 more words


Pony tail

Me: Em, come on move faster little snail, wash your face than I’ll come fix your hair.

Emily: I fixed my hair already.

16 years 3 months and some days later…. 77 more words

Cri Du Chat Syndrome