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Quotes by Me

1. There’s no such thing as not being a creative person. All human beings are.
If you can build a world of your own, with all those expectations, ideals, fantasies, dreams, goals, plans, regrets, memories, opinions, values, visions, questions and answers, then you can also build anything else.

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It’s OK to be naked.

OK, this only counts if you’re a dog. But then, if you were, why would you be reading this?

Be free. And recognize how good that feels.

Life Lessons

Current Personal Buzzword: Non-attachment

300 years ago or so (because it really feels like at least one lifetime ago) when I admitted to myself that Christianity was not my spiritual home and dug up the courage to find the one that was, I researched a large number of religions and spiritual systems. 784 more words


Look Around - You May Be Surrounded By Heroes.

After reading this post look around you. Appreciate the special people around you.

When you look around you, there are heroes in your life. I have the pleasure of working with one such individual. 294 more words

40 Begins

This week has been one of the biggest growth spurts of my life…appropriate as this week also marks the end of my 30s and the beginning of my 40s. 679 more words

Random Thoughts

Little Light Bulbs

I don’t think I’ve quite gotten the hang of drinking tea.

I boil water. I select a mug. (Switch mugs.) I add a little satchel. (Peppermint, lately.) I add spitting hot water, which obviously-obviously needs to cool. 1,318 more words

Work In Progress

And another year is over...

So, I’ve not written on this blog for a while now… a whole year almost…

And a lot has happened…a lot of good things, and one not so good from which I am learning so much and have faith will restore itself very very soon! 660 more words