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Stuck in a Rut

I’m stuck in a rut and it kind majorly sucks.

Have you ever felt like every single day passes like a dream? You wake up, do what you have to do and then go to bed. 609 more words


Before it's too late...

It makes me so sad to listen to, watch or read the news.

News has always had more bad than good, however it just seems now as if there isn’t any good any more. 364 more words

Life Lessons

Life Lesson # 1: 10 Rules of Survival If Stopped By The Police.

With everything that is going on in the world today I feel more than obligated to document some of the more simple lessons in life.

Life Lessons

Hope Changes Everything.

Today’s meditation: I am all possibilities. Hope lights my path.

MESSAGE: Hope is a key spiritual component of our joyful self. True hope ties our individuality to the cosmos, giving us the guidance and support to move toward our hopes and dreams. 123 more words

Life Lessons

Breakfast time makes me think

Last night insomnia decided to pay me a visit. It has been about 4.5months since I’ve struggled with it and I always think I’ve surpassed it. 544 more words


Don't be So Nice: Why It's OK To Be Selfish

I’m a people pleaser. I need to make every one happy. If some one is not happy then I feel it is my own personal duty to make everything better for them. 908 more words

Late-night Thoughts

Day 25: life lessons

When faced with the impossible task to eulogize my husband, I tried to concentrate on what I really wanted people to know about him. It started making me think about everything our marriage taught me. 453 more words