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Brain Waves And The Deeper States Of Consciousness

Every part of your body vibrates to its own rhythm. Your brain has a unique set of brain waves. In neuroscience, there are five distinct brain wave frequencies, namely Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta and the lesser known Gamma. 672 more words

Life Lessons

Life Lessons From A Movie

I’m not your average movie buff who’s on the heels of new Hollywood releases and always has an up to date movie library. Nope. I am that friend who comes for your movie collection and binge watches them on a weekend or on days that I would rather be indoors and chill. 505 more words


The Gift of Blindness - Cobhams Asuquo

I love things that inspire me. Art, music, talks, videos, whatever it may be. Sometimes I look at these things right away, most times I put them in my Watch Later playlist on YouTube or add them to my reading list in Pocket. 161 more words


Carry Me Home

Sunday’s Run Plan: 8-10 miles, race stimulation. Miles 1-4 at a 9:15 pace, miles 5-6 at a 9:00 pace, miles 7-8 at a 8:50 pace, miles 9-10 (if I felt good) at sub 8:50 pace. 748 more words

A Little Bit Of Me

Day 20 - The Things I'll Tell My Daughter Someday

Day 20 – The Things I’ll Tell My Daughter Someday

Dream big,
But work hard to achieve those dreams.

Love others,
Use your head and follow your heart. 49 more words

I've Learned it's Okay to Get Excited

As we live our lives and grow older and begin to learn more about life and ourselves as individuals, we tend to come across subtle qualities about ourselves we weren’t aware of before. 1,086 more words

Encouragement & Positive Words Are Nourishing To The Soul

Words of encouragement and positive remarks are like water to a plant.  People thrive and surpass our expectations when they feel loved and aporeciated.  Tell your partner or mate all of the things you love and appreciate about them and do this  often.   40 more words

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