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That Mom

I never wanted to be “That Mom”.

The one whose children couldn’t go to.

The stand-off, don’t ever screw up, don’t piss me off, don’t ever disagree with me – Mom. 395 more words

Random Life

Message to the 2014 College and High School Graduates

Message to the 2014 College and High School Graduates


Money: History proves that most things in life come and go in “Cycles”, examples

1. Stock market will rise and fall. 403 more words

Life Lessons

>>The DOWNside of a Celibate Lifestyle>>

Most folks that speak on a celibate lifestyle speak on the HIGH notes…Believe it or not there are alot of highs about it..However, there is also a GREAT deal of frustration handling the realities of celibacy..Especially someone whose been in a committed relationship or married majority of their adult life. 401 more words


Rites of Passage

Lesson Six:

Last week I was enchanted all over again by my daughter…my favorite child (my only child). She invited me to join her and her two best friends as she tried on wedding dresses. 212 more words

Life Lessons

7 Lessons from the life of Crime Master Gogo

Crime Master Gogo is, perhaps, the most highly appreciated and analyzed supervillain from Bollywood. He has had more fans than his uncle, Mogambo – another supervillian himself, whose reign was unchallenged till the time Gogo exploded on to the international crime arena. 1,123 more words


Doctor's office

I am starting this post on my phone, in the CT scan waiting room of my oncologist’s office. I absolutely love this medical practice – I drive two and a half hours each way to get here and consider it time well spent. 1,583 more words

Our house...in the middle of our street.

We live on a busy-ish street. Not as busy as it used to be, I’ll grant you. Our street was closed for a major construction project for nine months last year, and somehow a ton of drivers learned a different route and never came back. 533 more words