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looking back so that the view looking forward is even clearer

Have you ever stopped to look at your life right now? Did you expect that a year ago you would be in the position that you are today? 490 more words


How to heal and recover from dating a sociopath

I am not going to pretend that healing and recovery from a sociopath, is easy. This would be false, but equally it is not as difficult as you might perceive it to be. 2,236 more words


Order Chaos

There is order. There is chaos. They are as intimately related as magnetic poles, the pull and push of action. Chaos is pulled into order and order is pulled into chaos, forms are thrown up and pulled down again. 274 more words

Truly Powerful People


It’s a notorious roundabout. 7 entry and exit points. Feels like Russian roulette at the best of times. Yesterday, having made a perfect entry onto the roundabout, two trucks pulled out in front of me, at speed I might add. 302 more words


A few thoughts on my experiences so far

When I’m training there is usually a few things running through my mind. One is predominantly “why the fuck am I doing this to myself” the others vary depending on what I tend to be doing during that session. 803 more words


The Virtue of Stubborn {guest post}

It wasn’t until our family and Lisa’s family were both featured in the qweekend article called ‘The Chosen Ones’ that I realised we had a few mutual friends. 1,968 more words

Down Syndrome


Passion- any strongly felt emotion/intense desire, ardent affection, or enthusiasm

I’m busy, and I like it that way. Once in a while I like the opportunity to kick off my shoes and silence my mind, but there are to do lists zipping by and tasks that beg to be checked off. 694 more words