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I'm From...?

I had a mini-meltdown last night. You come to kind of expect these things once you’re a TCK for as long as I have been. Little things, usually inconsequential things in most people’s minds, come up in your daily life, and bam! 437 more words

Life Lessons

Some Things

In preparation for marriage, I’ve anticipated what it’s like to live with me.

My mom has always said, “Follow the recipe exactly how it’s written the first time, then you can tweak it.” Wise woman. 516 more words

Life Lessons

So much traveling. Soooooo. Much. Traveling.

Germany, Italy, DC, Dallas/Fort Worth, Shreveport, LA, Stafford, VA,
…all of this has happened since May and pretty soon I’ll be going back to Dallas, to Monroe, LA, to Atlanta, GA, and to Louisville, KY. 20 more words

Notes from the fourth draft

There’s one scene in the movie Safety Last! that encapsulates my college experience as well as anything could: a poor beleaguered sales clerk in a department store pulls fabric bolt after fabric bolt off the shelves, only for his customer to decide she wants the first one he pulled – and just a sample, at that. 963 more words

Take Me Home

Its been forever since I’ve posted anything :( oh gosh…

School has started and I’m only two weeks in and already falling behind. I’m a total nerd, I like learning. 384 more words


Unintentional Simple Living

I am an idiot. 

Earlier this week, I was attempting to back up all of our files so that I could reformat our creaky, old computer so that it might last a bit longer. 589 more words

Explore Nature

An Unexpected Gift

When I made the decision to leave my job, I knew I was taking a huge risk.  I knew that I may be lucky enough to find a new and better-suited position in a matter of days, weeks, months, or maybe it will take a more extended period of time.  533 more words