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Excuse me world -A Poem

Excuse me world,
While I escape my past forever
While I release the need to be witty and clever.

Excuse me world,
As I push my way through the dark, 162 more words

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Why I cringe when I'm invited to join a WhatsApp group

If there ever was a social media Raila Odinga, I would be their sycophant. I believe so much in these platforms that I have put my money where my mouth is-literally. 331 more words

Life Lessons

Sometimes it's the little things

Love is more often demonstrated in the small daily acts than in grand extravagance. Listening to my 6 year old’s chatter about crafts, I bought him some pipe cleaners from the $2 shop.  241 more words


5 ways to keep the fire burning off the field‏

As a Pacific Islander our faith and spirituality are strong components of who we are, whether we choose to show it publicly or keep it more private. 892 more words



Who doesn’t love a word of praise or a genuine gesture of appreciation…? I am sure ,we all do…Even those , who may argue otherwise , will somewhere deep inside , have a hidden desire to be complimented ! 921 more words

Life Lessons

I’ve noticed I write my best when I’m either really happy or really sad… typically when I’m really sad because I actually calm down and focus on what needs to be said.   786 more words