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Ideally, I would be reaching for glass of wine right now.

In the space of 21 weeks I’ve gone from a fairly easy going, very easily persuaded little lady to this super opinionated, can’t-hold-anything-back, feisty little woman and I’m so very confused! 1,298 more words


Unspoken Lessons Unintentionally Taught by Unexpected People

Night after night she woke me from a deep sleep. Softly she called “Mama? Mama?” until she got my attention. I groggily trudged to her room while longing to crawl back into bed. 809 more words

My Thought of The Day

Today I went to check my email before work, and I noticed one from a friend who was sending calendar events.

As I scrolled down to the bottom, I was bombarded by this persons business credentials in big bold letters. 578 more words

Life Lessons

Volatile attachment


adjective \ˈvä-lə-təl, especially British -ˌtī(-ə)l\

: likely to change in a very sudden or extreme way

: having or showing extreme or sudden changes of emotion… 1,262 more words

What '22' Felt Like

I turned 23 this month, which means my days of rocking out to Taylor Swift’s 22 are (kind of – sort of – not really) over.  1,213 more words


8 things I've learned so far..

How I’ve made it to the 3rd week of October without any major hiccups, I’m not quite sure. However there are some things that I have thought about, which I have learned since being here. 1,203 more words