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Do you appreciate what you have in your life?

Well, hello again everyone! I hope all my friends from stevendavisuk.com are doing well.

If I have a story to tell it is nothing else. I do believe everyone you meet has a story to tell about their perspective and life. 293 more words


Love Your Sadness. It Won't Last

Love my sadness.
Sadness, I love you.
Let me give you a kiss, instead of my fist.
You’re heavy, but you’re so honest.
I should give you more credit. 57 more words

Life Lessons

Charity telemarketer's defense is usual array of excuses

When the Tampa Bay Times began its series on the activities of the Navy Veterans charity, its stories centered around the behavior of the charity’s founder, “Lt. 1,453 more words

Living In The Modern Age

Mrs. Conclusion Jumper

I have a son who has an amazing sense of dry humor, a quick wit, and the ability to laugh you out of a somber mood with a mere turn of a phrase. 246 more words

True friends

“In the end you’ll know, who your real friends are.  They are the ones who see you for WHO YOU ARE, and, NO MATTER WHAT, always find a way to BE AT YOUR SIDE”. 241 more words


Wisdom Through Childbirth #1

For we know that the whole creation has been groaning together in the pains of childbirth until now. Romans 8:22

After witnessing my wife spend 9 hours in increasingly intense labor (Sunday night-Monday morning), the Scripture above comes to life in a whole new way. 455 more words

Process- Ongoing in Life and Creativity

I am now thinking that the creative process is proving to be like any other process in life I have experienced so far.   I am starting to believe also that maybe all of life is actually a creative process, and that process is experienced in whatever way that an individual chooses to define it.  1,174 more words