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How Do You Know If You are Ready for Jesus to Return?

How do you know if you are ready for Jesus to return? Different people give different answers. Some say I am an American; while others believe they are ready because they walked an aisle, raised a hand, and said a prayer; still others believe they are ready because they have lived a good life, helping lots of people. 623 more words


Fantasticalities Vol. 1 Issue 18

The progress each writer makes throughout their lives is ever present in the writings they choose to share with the world.   Tina Butler has returned to give us just such a glimplse.   376 more words


Grand Guignol

By definition is an adjective ” dramatic entertainment featuring the gruesome or horrible” or more aptly the ninth volume of the Starman opus…when evil comes to darken the Opal, and heroes blood runs on the streets. 234 more words



Hey Fearless Reader,

So I have taken back to the keyboard, and am finding a challenge keeping up with 2 blog sites, so I invite you back to one of my better known ventures… 8 more words

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Rush Hour

This morning, when my husband was kind enough to drop me off at work since my car is having surgery, he got a little confused as I slid in between the dashboard and the passenger seat instead of getting out. 292 more words

Life Lived

The One Where History Doesn't Repeat

When I was six years old, my father came home early one night and walked in on me having a tea party with my brothers. It was a royal affair, this one, organized by Yours Truly, the Royal King Your Highness the Third. 501 more words

Life Lived

I Welcome Guest Author, "Agathe von Kampen" To My Writers Blog Today!

Hello Readers, Friends, And New Visitors,

Today I have the honor and privilege of introducing you to a good friend of mine, who happens to be a fellow author and the best ‘Story Teller’ I know, Author Agathe von Kampen- (Turrell).  928 more words

Featured Guest