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Risk of dying...

“Running just a few minutes a day reduces risk of dying”


Such was the headline on the news item this morning.

Now, I don’t run. 679 more words

Life, Love And Laughter

Spiced memories

It is perhaps only when you begin to teach something that you have been doing on autopilot for most of your life that you start to realise just how much you have learned over the years. 922 more words

Life, Love And Laughter

The kamikaze moth

Ani, thankfully, had already gone to stay with her friends that evening or else the whole encounter would have taken a tragic turn. She objects to aerial invaders of any description… and don’t get her started on the whole builders-on –the roof affair… Yet although I think it is for her that the back door stays open in all weathers and at all hours of the day and night, she was not there…so the loud whirring drew only my attention, not hers. 545 more words

Life, Love And Laughter

Dear Don V

Dear Don ,

Well, we may have thought we’ve done little more than assimilate and read from the fabled Book this weekend, but over 1500 pictures say otherwise… I’d lost track of half of what we’ve managed to do till I looked… for a leisurely weekend we did manage to pack quite a bit in! 296 more words

Life, Love And Laughter

Not a happy hobbit..

I have a lot to do today, so I was out very early to brave the supermarket for my son this morning, hoping to get done fairly quickly, get home before it got too warm and deal with the migraine that had bugged me the past 24 hours. 310 more words

Life, Love And Laughter


My son and I took the cameras out to play at the weekend for a few hours to Waddesdon Manor. The weather was pretty much perfect and the beautiful wooded gardens are lovely to wander in for a while. 665 more words

Life, Love And Laughter

Bouffer des nouilles...

The freezer compartment on my little fridge was conspicuously empty. I’d been sure that was something tucked in there, but apparently not. A quick scan of the cupboards was just as fruitless as it dawned on me that once again I’d bought dinner for the dog and forgotten about me. 751 more words

Life, Love And Laughter