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Don't Worry.

Someone once taught me a song:
“Don’t worry, buy a tin, cus every little thing, is gonna be all right.”
Today I saw this click on youtube and I just can’t stop smiling. 103 more words


Instituting "FSA" posts

…because I really need certain things to just fucking stop already.

Today’s FSA is “random miracle breakdowns/breakages.”

Story: Last weekend I had plane tickets to go to Toronto. 301 more words

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Notes on a conference, if not much of a scandal - BlogHer '14

The omens didn’t start auspicious. First, I got lost around LAX trying to find the parking lot where I was fixated my Jemima would spend a couple of nights. 1,221 more words

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the parade

Dearest friends!

Does your heart ache and groan? Mine really does. I have been watching for so long as this world takes steps towards destroying itself from the inside out. 329 more words

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Messy truth...

My dearest friends!

I have been sitting at home for 6 weeks wondering about many things… this world, my life, my future, God… the list goes on for eternity it seems. 716 more words

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Men Are Creepy

I love men. I think they’re beautiful, comforting, loving, amazing people to be around and I love to give and receive love and attention from them, but once rejected, a lot of men have a difficult time accepting that a woman no longer wants them. 625 more words

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Thought for the week ...#94

“Differences are not intended to separate, to alienate. We are different precisely in order to realize our need of one another.”

Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu