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What NOT To Do When Applying For A Job

I was lucky enough to go to a school that had so many incredible sources for me to learn lots of tips and tricks when it came to applying for jobs after college. 839 more words

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5 Things MEN Can Do To Be More Attractive to WOMEN


We all love those lists where men tell us how we can be more attractive. Now it’s our turn, ladies!

1. Respect women.

It’s the golden rule: treat others the way you want to be treated – and that includes women! 323 more words

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Why the Universe Doesn't Want me to Fade into Normality - a true story.

When I was an intern at LAO, my bosses and I used to argue about what day is the worst day. We agreed saying Monday is overrated – you still have the buzz from the weekend, everyone spends most of the morning talking and catching up, and then you basically go home and try to cure the leftover hangover. 734 more words

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First week of grad school: check!

 My first week of grad school was off to an awkward start when our internet – which has been working just fine since we originally hooked it up – decided to completely and totally crash. 299 more words


My Little Peach

Introducing Momoko, my new kitten :)

I actually met her on the streets near Uken Beach over a month ago. She was one of 3 irresistible kittens who – though they were among the posse I visit regularly – appeared motherless. 530 more words

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Dearest friends,

So, this morning, I had breakfast with my dad. This was just what the doctor ordered. I felt at rest, relaxed and totally myself as I sat across from my dad with coffee in one hand and a fork in the other shoveling delicious peach cheesecake crepes into my mouth. 600 more words

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Standing on ceremony.

It was my mother’s birthday dinner last night. We have a tradition at sofacasa with the Nans: each person gets to have a dinner party to celebrate the day they were born. 412 more words

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