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Gratitude: The Answer to Everything

It’s good ol’ Thanksgiving Day here in the U.S. of A!

Not too long ago I was the kind of person who could never seem to be satisfied with life.  431 more words

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Thanks giving...

The most wonderful feeling or expression, and the most significant  step on the path to happiness…is the feeling or expression of GRATITUDE.

It may sound naive, but I believe it would be difficult to find someone who isn’t thankful for something. 532 more words

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In Love with Life!

Cabin fever is real people. It’s REAL. Don’t let its presence in the “urban dictionary” fool you. It’s real.

I’ve seen things you wouldn’t dare  379 more words

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How To: Combat Stress And Anxiety

As finals approach, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with anxiety and quickly experience the feeling that you’re not going to make it and thinking flipping burgers (or becoming a stripper) for the rest of your life doesn’t sound half bad. 368 more words

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7 Ways You Can (and Probably Will) Burn Off Your Thanksgiving Turkey

I know I’m not alone when I say I definitely go a little (read: crazy) overboard on Thanksgiving. I mean I can eat (and ahem, drink) A LOT on Thanksgiving. 105 more words

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Starting a Blog and Sticking With It - My Top 5 Tips

I hit 2,000 views today, and I’m pretty pleased about it.

It’s not a lot, considering this photo Harry Styles posted on Instagram got 972,449 likes: 1,102 more words

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8. This Week I'm Loving...

Saturday 22nd November, 2014

1. For our first Christmas as a couple, I made Ryan a scrapbook full of photos and memories of the times we’d spent together. 1,128 more words

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