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Envision a Future Transition


When I was a kid in junior high school (7th grade) in Pennsylvania, I felt, or was made to feel by some neighbor kids, awkward and nerdy. 951 more words

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"You See Yourself in Others"--Family-Based Archetypal Projections

Archetypal psychology á la Carl G. Jung or James Hillman or Carolyn Myss—or via a unique Life Mapping approach I will be introducing you to in… 847 more words

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Soul's Journey

This week’s life mapping opportunity invites you to reflect on a time in your life when spirituality brought a Better Ending.  This might be as simple as a time when you prayed, or meditated, or contemplated deeply about some situation, and this focus allowed you to make a better decision or to take a good step in a new (or a staid) direction. 1,028 more words

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The Light in Your Eyes

The Road goes ever on and on

Down from the Door where It began,

Now evermore the Road doth lead

And I must follow, if I can, 511 more words

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Mapping Your Habits--No Judgments, Please!

From a Life Mapping perspective (see right panel) we can look at habits in our lives in relation to situations or conditions during different times of our lives in which we have gravitated to more healthful or to less than healthful habits. 351 more words

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Your Wellness LifeMap

I invite you to look back over your life focussing on when you have felt higher or lower on a “wellness scale” of 1-10, with +10 being extreme wellness and +1 being extremely low. 422 more words

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