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A Hot Cup of Coffee

You know, there’s something quite quaint about the wispy smoke that comes from a freshly poured cup of a coffee.

Before I continue, you should know one key thing about me–I love coffee. 289 more words


Black Beach Glass - Lake Ontario & Lake Erie

I am super excited to announce my jewellery studio is finally set up.  I am ready to sit down & create.  I am also excited to share my new found love for beach glass, more so the elusive black beach glass. 161 more words


Time - our most precious resource

“My favorite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.” – Steve Jobs… 75 more words

Weekend Inspiration

First Year Associate Musings: That Loving Feeling

That feeling you get the first time someone from work comments on your Facebook status–bliss. People like ME!!!!

Honestly, as much as the long hours are draining me, I LOVE my job. 164 more words

Life Moments



Sweet smell of orange
lingers on my tongue,
in simple glistening moments.
Astir, the waking of a sleeping babe.
Soft and pink,
curled like a kitten. 174 more words


Wintertime Wonder

I’ve always been a winter girl. I love the cold and the snow. I love the way the trees look, all bare and spiny. I love how the air bites at you as you breathe in. 374 more words


First Year Associate Life Management: Pushing Past the Wall

Have you ever had a day when you sit and stare at a computer screen or your phone screen willing something to happen so you have direction? 391 more words

Life Moments