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Uncertainty in life

This is where my life is right now:

I have no job.

I am not in school currently.

I sit at my desk and write on this blog. 182 more words

Medical School

Simplicity / Minimalism

rail fence by piotr

What is simplicity?

‘If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself’- Albert Einstein.

Simplicity is the virtuousness of being simple.

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Art Is In My He[art]

Be Here Now

“We are products of our past, but we don’t have to be prisoners of it.”
― Rick Warren

Today, I took a walk in a rose garden near my house.

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Happy Birthday (tomorrow) Princess!

It happened slowly. Little pings appeared where once there were none. Jolts came and went and sometimes lingered. Doctors retired. Three, this year alone. As of 2015, I will be older than all of the late night talk show hosts. 417 more words

Life Moments

life moments...

today was filled… started around noon when huge snowflakes descended from the sky… for a long time…

about that time one of our young friends got married… my daughter sent me a video of their vows… lovely to watch… I am hoping their love endures like that of my… 259 more words

A rainy day

Yesterday, I was going home after the english class WITHOUT my umbrella. Wasn’t that enought? No. Just missed one thing: The bus driver drove so fast that everybody… 21 more words

Life Moments

Is your relationship in the gutter?

I’m not a relationship expert -far from it. But I do know the fundamentals of making any relationship work and fail.   I could write a list of 50 but it would be too generic. 541 more words