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Motherhood Mantra

This past week has been a very challenging one.

My daughter has been sick with the Flu.

I am reminded of what it felt like each day that I woke up after my surgery. 561 more words

Thoughtful Ponderings


Your choices, your intentions, and your actions create your destiny. Don’t let your life be one replay after the next, of endless no-wheres, repeated failures and mistakes. 156 more words


The fog has lifted, the storm has passed

Today I take a deep breath and exhale a deep sigh of relief.

That emotional storm which enveloped my psyche for the past week has finally passed. 474 more words

Thoughtful Ponderings

That Was Then, This Is Now

 If I had a middle name, spontaneous would be it.

Living in the now is hard, as we often find ourselves worrying about what is going to happen, or pondering about our next step in life. 444 more words


5 Months Post-Op

This post is for anyone who is interested in knowing the post-op experience of someone who had open heart surgery. I am five months post-op from a mitral valve replacement (completely open heart surgery). 757 more words

Heart Surgery Recovery

Whats the rush??!

Now, I’m speaking from a personal place today, not trying to convince you of anything, I am just reflecting on an experience I had this week which may or may not apply to you. 1,233 more words

Thoughtful Ponderings

What is your value?

How do you define your worth as a person?

That is a question that has been heavy on my mind this week.

It is not a question that begs a one word answer. 786 more words

Thoughtful Ponderings