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Broken bones and the like

Life has come to a bit of a grinding halt for me in the last two weeks. Why? Oh well, you know, I decided to fall of a horse and break my right wrist and damage a couple of ribs. 606 more words


To this day, I don't know why it was there

Story time with Mary. Gather ’round y’all. Get comfortable.

When I lived in the dorms, I worked at the Gateway mall.  I had to take the train down to the mall (it was only about a 30 minute ‘commute’) because I had no car.   392 more words

Life (or Something Like It)

heavier things

No simple question has ever been harder or more complicated to answer than when my dad asked me how I was today.

Do you ever feel a million things so deeply that no combination of words can possibly capture what’s inside accurately? 494 more words


Preoccupations, Distractions and Drama

Entry 07/25/2014 01:02:38 PM – Mentat 706

As the month is coming to a close, and the laziness of summer is still upon me I’ve got to say that what we’ve gotten for the summer so far has felt quite atypical to me. 3,020 more words

Life Or Something Like It

What's in your name?

When bored I like to surf the internet and once in while you can find super interesting stuff. My friend Susi gave me book called… 416 more words

Life Or Something Like It

Back to the sweat-a-thon

This is my thought for this week.

Due to the various appointments with mum and her boobs, my newly found exercise regime went right out the window – any excuse eh?! 88 more words

Life Or Something Like It

Finding 'Mikes': Reflections on 'Finding Mike' at JW3

Last night I went with my friend to JW3, a Jewish Community Centre in London. I saw they were showing ‘Finding Mike’ and that there would be a discussion with Jonny Benjamin and others who were involved with making the documentary and decided to go along. 1,114 more words

Life (or Something Like It)