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I Fell Asleep One Day In May

I fell asleep one day in may,
Come what may, come what may.
I will not do what they say,
What they say, when they say. 88 more words


You don't want to miss your ticket out

Driving a rental car today made me feel like I was living a different life, or maybe someone else’s life. I was tempted to drive on past the off-ramp for my work, ignore the daily commute and recreate it. 188 more words


Mother Nature is a bitch

Warning: This entire post is about periods.

‘The Curse’, ‘Aunt Irma is visiting’, ‘surfing the crimson wave’, ‘closed for maintenance’, ‘fallen to the communists’…whatever you call it, menstruation sucks. 761 more words

Life (or Something Like It)

Oh my god, look at that face, you look like my next mistake

I think it’s officially summer.

You know those weekends that take you so far out of yourself that coming back to earth on a Monday morning seems incredibly strange, like this can’t actually be your life because the last 72 hours were such an eye-opening ride and even though you’re still the same somehow you’re also different? 31 more words

Life (or Something Like It)

Here I Sit

Here I sit and here I’ll stay
Here I’ll stay as long as the day
As long as I’m allowed to say
Cant you see? There’s no other way. 159 more words


And Then It Hits You..

When interacting (read playing) with infants, objectives are very clear in our head. We must make them laugh, even at the cost of looking foolish. And we must, at all possible cost, avoid them from crying. 43 more words

Life Or Something Like It