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The paperless project

Eight weeks ago I did something I thought would drive me insane, I gave up using paper at work.

For at least the past twenty years, I have been hearing talk of the “Paperless Office”, where online and digital tools would do away with the need for paper documents and we would all live and work in paperless environments, but it never happened. 1,183 more words

Life Outside Work

Off the grid in the countryside - or am I?

Since I moved to the countryside it feels like I have gone back in time. I rent a lovely picturesque cottage down remote country lane, which in reality, especially with the cold spell we are having, is freezing cold, draughty, and the last time a gritting wagon ventured into the area it must have been lost! 264 more words

Life Outside Work

Online Shopping/Stalking

What online retailers might learn from Bricks and Mortar stores

It’s that time of year. From Christmas through to the January sales, it has been a busy shopping season for many of us with families and friends, trying to choose the right gift whilst also enjoying the hunt for those sales bargains in the New Year. 616 more words

Life Outside Work

Dude, Where's my Hoverboard?

Why technology isn’t like it is in the Movies.

2015 is an important year, for a number of reasons, but one date that is bound to light up Social Media is October 21, 2015. 1,181 more words

Life Outside Work

Learning Patience from a Time Machine

This post is dedicated to the memory of my mum, Brigid Clancy, who passed away on Jan 10th 2014.

During the summer of 2013, I was looking through some old boxes in my parents’ house, and discovered a time machine. 471 more words

Life Outside Work