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Being wise and knowing is not constrained by naivety and lack of cleverness, words and worldliness; but, instead by narrow-mindedness, obstinacy, foolhardiness and resistance to progression.


A to Z Challenge: Surprise!

It was a really pretty evening, the sun had gone down gloriously and the sky was now darkening with stars and moon getting brighter minute by minute.  398 more words


The music of silence, The noise if its presence, The agonizing company of its loneliness. Silence burns me, Silence drowns me, Silence is my constant companion. 11 more words


finding real VIPs…

One of the most exciting aspects of attending SXSW is that it attracts an interesting, eclectic crowd.  Of course, not all interesting people are created equal – and I am a connoisseur :)  I’ve started to think of them as… 684 more words

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Mondays ARE Beautiful

The lyrics in this video says it all, but yet its one of the most difficult things to do!  Love the person you are, quirks and all.   38 more words

Life's Philosophy

What do you think about—and why?

Do you pay attention to the sounds of geese swerving overhead? I never did, but that recently changed, as I saw the documentary Winged Migration… 920 more words

Life Philosophy

+++ A world anew (or just constantly occupying the lost and found area) ... Fill it with fantasticism!

Yes world, life, existence, what ever your preferred name might be, I will not let you get me down! I am my own motivational speaker and I will be my reason for always getting up when you decide to knock me to the ground! 1,020 more words

Life Philosophy