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The seed of life

A seed is a start to life
planted or nurtured with care.

The sun will shine
the rain will fall
the seed will sprout
and grow up tall. 121 more words

Random Thoughts

Quiet (poem)

Lay down

Don’t make a sound

Listen to the beat

From the music of my heart


I pretend to sleep

To not disturb

As you are in my arms… 41 more words


I Sat...Still

365Nectar #102 I Sat…Still
Fri. Jan. 3, 2014 11:22 A.M.

One warm morning
I sat…

Reenacting controversies
And digesting outrage
Refusing to subscribe to calloused minds… 25 more words

Life and No Regrets

365Nectar #48 Life and No Regrets
Sun. November 10, 2013 11:26 P.M.

Wildly dancing down Devil’s highway to heaven
life on the line…

Unrecognizable negatives… 119 more words

Avoiding Tomorrow

Time and fate embark on a remarkably beautiful journey…

Happiness draws a beautiful picture- but it’s all imagination…

Crossing the bridge of deception from nowhere to lost… 54 more words

The motion is the act in which you move

It’s something that we all go through

Ups and downs, good and bad

In peoples feelings happy or sad… 49 more words

Slam Poetry

Mẹ Tháng Tư, Thơ Hư Vô

Tiếng súng còn đì đùng trong tim mẹ
Bay ngang tờ lịch ngày cuối tháng tư
Của thuở đi tìm đàn con thất lạc
Trên những xác người nằm chết bơ vơ. 252 more words