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Life is like a container

Life is a like container
Waiting to be filled.

Keep it clear from rotten cargoes
Give it room to store the treasures.

Boxes, tanks, wrappers: for this week’s Photo Challenge, show us something that contains something else.

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Friends are friends no matter what,

no matter your look,

your thoughts,

your luck.

They’re always there

no matter your health,

your smarts,

your clothes, 59 more words


True meaning of love?

Love? We all wonder what it is, what it is mean. Love to me means never leaving the one your heart lives for.  Never give up on the ones who never gave up on you. 441 more words



She was living in a mindpark
       of razor cut blooms
  and walked among illusion
  in the confines of her room
     and though her world
    held thing and places… 42 more words


Đàn Con Mất Giống, Thơ Hư Vô

Mẹ sinh nhầm một đàn con mất giống
Bán đứng quê hương cội rễ ông bà
Một dãy sơn hà biển liền vách núi
Còn giọt mồ hôi muối mặn vai cha. 150 more words


Think outside the box? No! Think like there is NO box!

Today my team exceeded our ‘Team Target’ for the first time this year!! (with days to spare)

I asked the team ‘what was the key to them having a target busting month? 612 more words



There was a time
when I stood strong and firm
with my family
together we
branched above and beyond

There was joy
when I stood with my family… 230 more words