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Life is short indeed
To savor every moment
I will let it last

The small things matter
In life just as bigger things
Might matter far more… 41 more words

Current Poetry

Before The Breath Of A Woman Goes...

Before the breath of a woman goes,
her heart will become one with reality.
Words will finally earn their fable
and tales will finally tell their worth. 61 more words

Life Poems

Into My Life

She comes into my life full of energy
Smiling her doggy grin while wagging her tail
Waiting to play; to cuddle; to be near me… 45 more words

Current Poetry

Understanding Loneliness

I get up in the morning,

Alone in the bed;

I glance all around,

To find there is no one,

To say good day;

I pull myself to start afresh, 55 more words


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“It was my crime and I must pay for it”

“You are young and still have life to live; I am old and must soon die.” 108 more words



Somebody wired you up -
a mysterious laboratory of scientists?

Planted electrodes in your skull

to make you whole again,

as if it would rid you of your mothers… 22 more words


Happy People

We had all been happy, somewhat.

In our plentyness, our littleness;

in our knowledgeableness, or lack of it,

we had all been content.

I’d say it wasn’t our inadequacy; 94 more words

Life Poems