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“It was my crime and I must pay for it”

“You are young and still have life to live; I am old and must soon die.” 108 more words



Somebody wired you up -
a mysterious laboratory of scientists?

Planted electrodes in your skull

to make you whole again,

as if it would rid you of your mothers… 22 more words


Happy People

We had all been happy, somewhat.

In our plentyness, our littleness;

in our knowledgeableness, or lack of it,

we had all been content.

I’d say it wasn’t our inadequacy; 94 more words

Life Poems

Seven Years Old

In the beginning it was easy.
She looked to heaven;
she aspired to a generous heart.
Prayed for all the dear creatures.


Early On

We make love early on

before sunrise, arms to the sky,

en passant.

No longer a shape or a name.

No longer lost.

Believing we are one of the

same thing.

Life Poems

She Lives

 She lay by the roadside quiet and lifeless

Walking away after a meal into the wilderness;

Her time has come to an end

Reality still to wade my heart’s bend… 72 more words


Submerge your thoughts in days before now
Darn the moments past back together
Hold the hurrying haze black
It has been long

Perhaps this is rain… 75 more words

Life Poems