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A Dangerous Mind

Where is your mind?

Where does your dangerous thoughts go when you have dealt with the toughness of the world?

Sucking up the persona’s of the lives that still tries to harm us… 140 more words


This Room

The room I entered was a dream of   this room.

Surely all those feet on the sofa were mine.

The oval portrait

of   a dog was me at an early age. 45 more words


To an Old Comrade in the Army of Brutus

Dear friend who fought so often, together with me,
In the ranks of Brutus in hardship and in danger,
Under whose sponsorship have you come back, 117 more words


Watch the Sun Rise

I was talking to a good friend about her plans for the Easter Weekend, and she shared that one of her Easter traditions was to get up super early, head out the house and find a quiet spot to watch the sun rise. 279 more words

Canadian Life

You and I have the power to become what we choose, we do not have to be what happen to us in our past.

Micheline Jean Louis

Three by Robert Creeley

The Invoice

I once wrote a letter as follows:
dear Jim, I would like to borrow
200 dollars from you
to see me through.

I also wrote another: dearest M/ 139 more words



He recover’s no thought from nights past as his eyes trace a cold wet flow to his feet
The moon’s glare sings the night into a quiet trance beckoning shy fireflies to dance… 191 more words

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