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She wraps herself in pure austerity

with steps, beautiful light thuds of bliss

Like a pick of mild posies, she is

before thoughts, a supple aura. 43 more words

Life Poems


She swam to the sea
Hoping to be set free
But she saw him there
Then he met her stare.
She felt like she was being dragged… 57 more words



How can I leave

If I don’t know where to go

How can I express

If I don’t know what’s the feeling

How can I say I’m home… 7 more words


Eyes Close

Eyes close, she feels nothing but
Eyes close she hears nothing but
Eyes close she touches her chest
and feel the slow beat of her heart… 64 more words


Darkness Retreats And The Sun Rises

Red, yellow and orange
Creep into the sky
I stand and I walk near the edge
Of a sleeping lake.
I watch my feet
Break the sweet morning drops, 66 more words


Away Away Away

I step out from the cover of the door
I start walking
The cold is quick and bitter
The rain is loud, I’m here to flee. 77 more words


Not In Vain

All my life I’m wondering
Hoping to do something
I might change and give
Or try to unchain something.

If I can be a saving grace… 58 more words