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The Timewatcher

The Timewatcher sits at the helm of the clock

knotting our prayers and our dreams in the dark,

whispering wishes where willing-ones walk,

spanning and spinning the spinning-spent spark. 85 more words

Life Poems

A Poet's Tone

He listens to the howls of the night

and within its quiet bosom, he sets his thoughts on a soft trail.

With his heart on a spark in the yawning moon, 37 more words

Life Poems

I'm A Person Too

Respect Me Poem

BY- Dawn Mazzola

Here I lie in bed again, Awaiting my next meal.
A worker barges in my room, As if it’s no big deal. 459 more words



If she sings to your heart, why not?
Does not a name make the soul what it ought be?

Nanouka, what isn’t a woman with the pride of age; 17 more words

Life Poems


Soon, dawn withers; even the dew
Minutes shorten, breath goes
Life breaks, and the ground receives

There comes the end to much; even silence
Then words begin to chase winds… 71 more words

Life Poems

Rising // Rise

I Will Rise

A poem about refusing to be discouraged and refusing to be put down.

I will rise
After every fall
I will rise… 86 more words


The Hug

I took her into my arms
Wrapped tightly like a blanket
Close we hugged through the night
I comforted her as she cried
She was feeling blue… 33 more words

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