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Away Away Away

I step out from the cover of the door
I start walking
The cold is quick and bitter
The rain is loud, I’m here to flee. 77 more words


Not In Vain

All my life I’m wondering
Hoping to do something
I might change and give
Or try to unchain something.

If I can be a saving grace… 58 more words


Sooth-Say' Naught.

Life is a make of cores

telling ample truths heard by all, yet none.

And our perception of it is a knack

budding into a one sided phizog. 115 more words

Life Poems

A Recipe For Life

We’ll never know

what’s the recipe

we each have.

Until we feel the warmth of the air

Until the grass is greener

Until the sky is vastly blue… 27 more words


I love games i play

I love the games i play

I love to be fast and its really count,

I love to get lost in this world,

Score, Rank, Points… 54 more words


Twinkling Stars, Hang in my walls

Twinkling stars

Hang in my walls,

When lights get off,

They start show off

Spread smile on my face.

Shining like blaze,

Twinkling stars,

Hang in my walls. 21 more words


The Other Side

What’s on the other side when we die?
No one knows not even I.
It could be anything, we just don’t know
Will there be a heaven for us in store? 55 more words

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