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Always pushing forward

We struggle every day,
We try to do the best in our every chores,
The best we can strive to achieve,
We try to meet our everyday all rounded expectations, 72 more words


The Quest Within

The quest within

Continued; never willing to satiate.

Sublime my world;

Reassured my Self, honestly.

The many unspoken words

Permeated deep within;

Extinct became peripheral malady. 30 more words


Speaking Inner Self

Some words always run in deeper self of us,
Unexpressed words,
Fresh words,
Crying out to be freed,
From the cage,
They have called home for so long, 57 more words

Life Poems

Lord Help Me.

Sometimes I wonder,
Why God did spared my life?
Why did He give me second chance to see the world again?
What happened to my life is tear dropping, 103 more words


A step ahead.

We confine ourselves to some confined thoughts of our lives,
There is a lot out there,
That is worth fighting and confining for,
Everything is beautiful, 93 more words


Is it Fair?

As always said,
“Being fair I like waiting for a lion,
Not to eat you because you don`t eat the lion”,
It pricked my mind deep, 126 more words


Let`s find our way out.

With everything that is going on in our lives,
With everything happening in our lives,
It`s always hard to keep track,
Of what happened and what`s available now, 168 more words