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hot air pairings

the greens and blues,

with mes and yous

these things are true …

the wheres, the whose,

the whats, left clues;

time can’t undo,

what’s laid, what grew. 53 more words


Birthday present - haiku

we stopped the clocks
and slept for an extra hour
birthday present


the trees shake loose
their autumn leaves on me
birthday present… 8 more words


Fleet | Seat | Retreat

If I could turn back time;
not just me hearing Cher?
Looking back thirty years,
some are dark, others clear.
If I went back,
it’d be for the good. 44 more words


April the 1st

I read somewhere
that time is a trick
not at all linear
or orderly
like soldiers would be
in a march-past,
but is rather like a sheaf… 221 more words


The keyboard commando.

I am just another keyboard commando
I vent my spleen on the Net.
Just another desktop warrior.
I hurt without regret.

I aim my words most carefully to do the greatest harm. 74 more words



I wish us only peace.
Not a conventional peace that is true.
But still peace.

I want us to review our fights
without that review ending our friendship. 100 more words