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There is, in our time,
a zophos, a blackness
of the densest darkness


in the hearts of those
that ravage the innocent


in the hearts of those that…

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Life Poetry


scraps of desires
surface unbidden in sleep

unwilling, blind
I walk through life’s dreamscape
wanting to waken

who is dreaming?
who is the watcher of dreams?
I and not I




She grasps my legs
to turn me toward her,
but she needn’t.

In her crumby hands
and repetitious sounds
and hazel eyes,
she long ago grasped my being.

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Life Poetry

It's Not a Game (Game Over)

It’s not a game

No more…

Living in reality while trying to get saves

While on Calvary

It’s not a game when days are dark… 613 more words


As She Cried

I just sat there as she cried,
Helpless and tortured in demise.
I wiped her tears down her eyes,
I pondered about our lives.
Her sickness makes her cry, 43 more words

Life Poetry

Note to self.

We all have dreams.
Sometimes we even remember them.
Do you remember the one where you fell in love?
Wasn’t it the perfect love?
Wasn’t it the one where you would spend days together… 92 more words


Our heaven and hell, we've created

Love is a figment of our imagination; becoming whatever we desire it to be. We custom our feeling to control love, resembling a wind being tossed about whichever way it suits us. 120 more words