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Mother and son.

I see your son in you.
The same glower in his eyes and yours.
The same pet lip when you sulk.
The same whine in his voice as in yours. 47 more words


The Entitled.

You tell me I am rich because I own my home and car.
You tell me I can afford to pay for you.
You do not see all the hours that I put in. 196 more words


Thirty pieces of silver.

I see your hurt for the facade that it is my love.
If you want a true clusterfuck of anger try this:
You break your word as easily as a fish breathes in water. 92 more words


The fitting - haiku

I try on poems

like clothes to see which fits

my soul



hot air pairings

the greens and blues,

with mes and yous

these things are true …

the wheres, the whose,

the whats, left clues;

time can’t undo,

what’s laid, what grew. 53 more words


Birthday present - haiku

we stopped the clocks
and slept for an extra hour
birthday present


the trees shake loose
their autumn leaves on me
birthday present… 8 more words