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Depressed... Guilty...Grateful

I feel depressed again today. How I miss writing… literally – with a pen and paper to write what I feel and to scrutinize or appreciate my penmanship. 1,336 more words


carrots, eggs or coffee?

A modern-day parable making its rounds on social media… if you haven’t read this already, it might encourage you!


A young woman went to her grandmother and told her about her life and how things were so hard for her. 504 more words


10 Major Reasons To Not Suicide.

1It’s a bad idea.

   Suicide is the worst idea to even think about. Well thinking to act like cannibal isn’t good either but, suicide is a VERY BAD idea. 450 more words


The difficulty of job hunting

At the moment, job hunting feels like a lose-lose situation.

After applying for what seems like a hundred jobs, I either get a reply saying that I am too qualified; a reply saying that I don’t have enough experience; or no reply at all. 390 more words

#3: The Best Medicine.

7/23 and a half/14.


It’s 3am.

Fun fact: Learning a lesson a day is a lot harder than you think, and not for the reasons you’re probably thinking. 588 more words

Nuclear war doesn't kill all assholes

I wake up in the morning often looking for my phone (to check the time) and my eye wear (because I can’t fucking see without them).  864 more words

General Rant

I call bull shit! I have slept over at his too many times and heard the tell tale sound, he snores like a trucker frankly… He just needs yo accept it and move on.