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Lack of motivation - how to get up and get going

New Year, New Beginnings, huh?

Well, not for everyone. I feel like this year has started slowly. Although it’s almost the end of January, it’s still moving pretty slow. 74 more words


Advice - Fashion Writing


So I’m not sure if any of you read this or just look at the pictures, but for those of you that read it. I need your help. 168 more words


Accidental Curses and the Power of Prayer

In my last post I admitted to not being Christian. It was at a point where I was doing very well spiritually. I’ve been keeping a journal and writing to my gods. 960 more words



If you know who you are, then you are lucky. If you know what you want, then I envy you. If you know what you want and you have it, then I am in awe. 13 more words


Que sera, sera. Whatever will be, will be...

It’s always when someone else has a problem that you tend to forget about yours. This being the case, let me ease your mind up a bit. 3,273 more words


I Know What It's Like to Feel Small

As I sat down on a couch in the lounge area outside of the lecture hall for Anatomy, I had several thoughts running through my head: whether or not I would do well on the exam that was about to happen in 17 minutes, what food would be waiting for me in the fridge when I got home, whether or not I should take a nap before tutoring (I am now starting to think that that would have actually been a very good idea). 1,455 more words

Life Problems