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I Guess That's Gucci, Man

Woooohhhoooo! I did it! I FINALLY graduated college. Now, I am not a greedy person and I personally like giving gifts better than receiving them,  272 more words

Fashion & Style

12 backhanded compliments you probably get as well

Hi friends,
So as I was going through my facebook messages, I realized I have been receiving a lot of backhanded compliments lately. Hence, I compiled a list and this is what I have hearing a lot! 481 more words


Quote of the Day

‘For a star to be born, one thing must happen. A gaseous nebula must collapse.
So collapse.
This is not your destruction.
This is your birth.’

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Whoaaa, it’s been a year already since I last wrote here! Time surely flies~ Guess what? I just feel like writing is gonna be great for tonight so here I am!

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It's the small things

It’s the small things that matter really isn’t it…?

How often do you argue over the big stuff, the stuff you should argue about.

How much do the little gestures mean compared to the big ones… yeah we all love a big grand gesture.. 122 more words


Spiraling around.

Sometimes we spiral up and sometimes we spiral down.  Nevertheless, we all spiral.

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Assigned Work


Wow my malephobia(whadeva u call it) is really no joke

I was eating at macs and when 3 bulky male teens sat at the table next to me i stiffened up so bad i stopped breathing lololol… 26 more words