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A Mixed Feeling Poem.

How big is the Universe?

How did time start?

Will we ever meet again?

There’s not a lot of freedom, but there’s a lot of drama… 120 more words


Of All The Things

     Every time I find myself really physically injured lately, it is usually over something small and ridiculous. I threw out my back a bit yesterday evening picking up the fish bowl to give it a clean. 112 more words



Okay, I guess my real personality is ENTJ not the INTP. I’ve just gotten used to be lazy and not speaking up. I get dismissed because I’m too aggressive even though I’m right. 433 more words

Writing Is Therapy

I do all sorts of writing from this blog to my decade long obsession of text role-play ( which is just co-writing with multiple characters to form a mutual plot that can be planned or improvised along the way). 143 more words


Fish tank story

Last time in “My little phone post” I promised you I’d make my next post about our Fish tank story.

So here it goes.

About a month ago we were visiting one of our friends in Wales. 490 more words

Life Problems