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Things to do..

Sometimes.. well okay, almost always.. i’ll drop whatever I’m doing, no matter how important it is, just for a bit of attention from that one special person i can actually stand to talk to or be around.. 137 more words


Disorder of this century - Vegetative Dystonia

My story

I was in high school and it was time to get ready for exams. I’ve always been really good with schools – never late, always studied as hard as I could to be my best because I knew it was for my future. 624 more words


The Bad Thing About Windows

And people related to you that smoke under them

Sometimes in life you don’t know what you’re missing, sitting in your room all day, not socialising with your family, like “normal” people. 161 more words



I think we can all agree that transitions are fraught with tension, stress, anxiety and overall terribleness. But underneath the layer of stress and fear there is a lot of positivity about transitioning. 375 more words


Examinations are important

Some teenagers nowadays have got their priorities messed up. Take for example I needed pens for notes taking and my examinations that are coming up soon (like really soon that I’m kind of scared cause only now did I realised how much I have to study aha) however my sister apparently thought a new screen protector for her phone was more important and that I could get my pens and stationaries another time. 590 more words

My Mid Life is A Crisis

For a split moment, I thought I was just floating along the waves coasting towards this metaphorical paradise I was assuming would be the rest of my life. 1,259 more words

One Strike Left.

So in my line of work, the glorious world of retail, I get to interact with people from all walks of life. It was stupid slow where there was more workers than customers one day, so we got to have full blown conversations. 387 more words

Drops Of Wisdom