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Early Morning Problems

I get up for work at 4am so I wouldn’t exactly consider this a morning, more like a super late night. Either way, whatever you want to call it, I’ve found my most annoying things for being awake that early. 163 more words


10 Truths about Retail

Oh, the joys of retail. If you’ve ever worked in retail then you’ve probably lost all hope in humanity, developed a cynical attitude and your regular evening night-cap has turned in to a bottle of wine. 818 more words


Post Break up .....!!!!!

hello everyone ,
this is something that i really wanna share with all of you !! . What happen’s to our life’s once we have suffered a break up ???? 640 more words


I'm So Tired

Of just everything

I’m tired of doing nothing most days and just waiting around for people to feel like talking to me.

I’m tired of being in the house that I live in and of feeling like shit all the time. 149 more words

Life Problems

Damn It Roy

Forgive me if i’m wrong but..

Is it not common courtesy when in the middle of a conversation TO ACTUALLY SAY “I have to go, talk to you later” or tomorrow or whatever… 39 more words

Life Problems

Things I'll Never Say

Inspired by The Avril Lavigne song

Often, when i can’t sleep, i’ll listen to a random mix of songs and or be thinking.. mostly about Roy. 267 more words

Life Problems

Solution to the weekend's exercise.

Not long ago I published a post “WEEKEND’S EXERCISE“.

Some of you met this quiz before and knew how to solve it but we agreed to wait until somebody else suggests a solution. 94 more words