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Speaking Out Loud (going from longhand to typewritten)

I have most of the time written things in ink using my pen and paper. And I was very much in love with the organic touch of it. 1,019 more words

Just Saying

Overthinking Kills Your Happiness

Food for thought… 


How many times have you felt a bit rubbish about a situation, thought about it, made it worse in your head, started to believe it, carried on thinking about it… and now you have a problem that most likely isn’t real!  36 more words

Partner’s of Porn/Sex/Love Addicts Group: Deceived

Enrollment is now open for a women’s only group designed specifically for partners/spouses of porn/sex/love addicts – group starts in September 2014.

Being in a relationship with someone who struggles with pornography, infidelity, or other sexual compulsions can be devastating and traumatic.  127 more words


New Men's Recovery Group for Sex/Porn/Love Addicts - Level 1

I am happy to announce that I have created a brand new format for my recovery groups. I will now be offering them in progressive levels. 160 more words


The Ultimate Quick Fix!

GOT YOUR ATTENTION? Want to solve all of life’s problems quickly, easily, and without hassle?

“Hi, I’m Earth. Have we met?

It is very natural as a human being to want the… 783 more words

Thought for the day

I will let this this speak for itself.


Can I Date?

Just 19 and some months to be 20years. I feel to have a relationship and maybe because I kind of like sex and kind of need someone to share my feelings with. 17 more words