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Division of Labour

“Division of Labour” is an expression which refers to people who specialise in one thing and exchange the value of their specialist effort with others, who in turn supply other skills / services which the specialist needs… 759 more words

Herbal Therapies

Be Cheerful In All You Do

Who do I really want to become? What kind of life do I really want to have? I asked myself these questions the other day and the resounding singular answer that popped into my head was, 175 more words


Forever Young

I am Anecita Estavilla-Maullin.

I researched and developed my “Forever Young” Tea-In-A-Capsule blend of natural herbs for my own use and at 67 years of age, I still take a capsule everyday… 263 more words

Herbal Therapies

The Mother Land ?--The United States Of America. By David Reid Otey

First of all, I am a teacher. I am very good at what I do because, so far, I have the freedom to teach according to my gifts of understanding, connecting, guiding, helping kids to see their gifts and enlightening, encouraging and empowering them to become the “real” them instead of a merely cloned worker of whatever anyone else may want them to become. 765 more words

Herbal Remedies are as old as time

Herbal Remedies predate the modern “pharmaceuticals” industry by many Millennium.

We take pride and gain personal joy by researching and developing our blends and we have managed to resolve one of the few remaining problems of herbal remedies …. 390 more words

Herbal Therapies

"REAL" SCHOOL By David Reid Otey 11-09-2014

The basis of this piece is founded upon the fact of how knowledge is naturally acquired and naturally applied. All knowledge ever gleaned by humankind has come from the process of “living”. 1,742 more words

Losing My Creativity

I recently learned that the psychiatrist who checked me the day before surgery at the hospital told mom (when he got out of my room) that it was highly possible that I would lose my “creativity” after surgery. 265 more words

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