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Let me ask you something...

It is a wonder that I grew up with my inquisitive nature intact.  I observe my mother’s methods of raising my sister, often times I criticize her for making some terrible choices in diet or habit (I’ll save the details because I’m sure someone will say something along the lines of “you have no right to criticize her if you haven’t gone through raising a child” and I say “fuck you” to you, asshole, because it doesn’t take a fucking doctor to know when someone is feeling ill that they need help.) 787 more words

Life Rant

When your boyfriend loves your friends rabbit more than you...

So us being the kindly friends we are…we occasionally rabbit sit for our friends when they go away. It’s usually the odd week or maybe popping in over a long weekend, but this time? 441 more words

Life Rant

Action figures and dolls: the hell is the difference?

I have little to no experience working in the toys aisle, which is fairly small when compared to the larger store locations in other cities.  However one can easily see that there are two themes within said aisle: it is categorized by age and categorized by gender. 621 more words

Life Rant

Nuclear war doesn't kill all assholes

I wake up in the morning often looking for my phone (to check the time) and my eye wear (because I can’t fucking see without them).  864 more words

General Rant

My immune system sucks

You know you’re sick way to often when you have a wide selection of medicines and tablets to choose from when you feel run down…my bathroom cupboard is like a medicinal sweet shop, seriously.

Life Rant

#221Back...My Sherlock obsession

Was everyone else just as excited as me this afternoon with hints and tweets all about this amazing announcement that was going to be made at 2.21pm today?

Life Rant

I didn't know a car had three pedals...

So I’m learning how to drive…stay off the roads for your own safety.

Life Rant