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Empty head...

I’m not sure whether it’s because I’m bored and have else nothing to do, but my head is empty. Is it even possible for someone to experience such thing? 210 more words


Random Act of Kindness - Life Rant

Dear G & B,

“Wow, what a random act of kindness”

That phrase has been on my mind for a while. It’s something Mr. Franck, my theology teacher said to me after I had shared cookies with my classmates. 211 more words


Loads of choice over loads of rubbish...

You know that phrase about TV where there’s loads of channels but nothing on? I always argued this point being a massive fan of TV in general I could always find something good on…but I have been seriously tested. 425 more words


Facebook: why I do not have any friends

Today I opened up my facebook to a “joke” of sorts from one of my “friends”; the joke used an image of Vegeta and his “it’s over 9000!” quote to describe the Holocaust event which took place about half a century ago. 814 more words

General Rant

Human barbie: thoughts...

An earlier rant of mine may have made me appear like I was “fat shaming” and trying to cover it but, as it should have been known within the post, I advocated for fitness rather than skinniness.  681 more words

General Rant

Body awareness is full of shit

I was always the skinny kid in school and the runt of my immediate family (my brothers are HUGGGGGGGGGE); the benefit of my size was that I could run long distances without much effort on my part… but that was about where it ended for me.  799 more words

Life Rant

Baby's Breath - Life Rant

Dear G,

I’ve read this journal entry to you before. Do you remember? I recently read this rant again and realized how unchanging I am. I am going to miss your input in my thoughts and rants. 543 more words