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Friendship: Deposits and Withdrawals

Friendship is a word in our culture that has lost much of its meaning. Now, this is not a post ranting about how “Back in my day, when you unfriended someone they had a black eye.” No, I believe that while friendship has deteriorated because of less quality interaction, it is a topic that we can do something about! 617 more words

Do you have problems with tithing?

Read this as a humble message from someone who loves and cares, not one who judges. It`s what the Lord has put upon my heart to share. 563 more words

Life Skill

Darkest days of life gives you the best learning experiences. The only transcendence you need to maintain are patience and observation for seeping those learning inside you.


May the Force Be With You

May The Force Be With YOU

In order to live the life of our dreams it is essential that we are in touch with our beliefs.   697 more words

Butuh atau Ingin?

Life skill yang sedang aku dan babahnya aldi ajarkan akhir-akhir ini adalah… Kamu butuh atau pingin?


Taulah, yang namanya anak-anak pasti pingin segala sesuatu. Semenjak aldi punya uang jajan sendiri, hampir tiap minggu pasti dia beli sesuatu. 158 more words

Life Skill

Clarification, age 9

In awe, wonderment and exceptionally expansive motherly pride I must simply report that this evening as I kissed Scarlett goodnight she asked if I would ‘clarify plans for the morning’. 86 more words


Anger Management: Know- How of Anger Control

Quite for sure everyone would have felt anger certain point of time in their life. For some of them it’s non-problematic and for some of them it’s disastrous and ruining their happiness and much realizing the meaning of the famous adage ‘for every minute of anger you loose sixty seconds of happiness.’ And everyone wants happiness and tries to get it whatever it takes. 918 more words