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Do my kids need life skills?

On a Saturday morning, when my kid was preparing for his soccer team selection I asked, “How are you going to win?”. My kid said “When ball comes I’ll do what my coach has trained me to do.” Surprised by his answer I went 15 years in future in my imagination, where my kid is the one who is always waiting for instructions from his boss to do anything. 176 more words


A Little Bit on Networking

Networking is a VERY important part of life. In fact, it’s such a vital, important, life defining part of your life that no one ever bothers teaching you about it.   163 more words

Life Skills

Life Skills: Drying Dishes Can Be Fun!

Drying dishes can be FUN! Our students loved the feeling of being helpful, achieving and succeeding in a useful task and able to do it independently. 71 more words


Think Happy Thoughts!

It’s been another hectic few days and I am tired and feeling a bit fed up. I got to see my boy this week for an evening so that was nice, but time flies and before I knew it I was dropping him off at his youth club for the evening and his mum was then going to pick him up from there. 292 more words

Life Skills

"STEP" Provides College Opportunities for Students with Disabilities

Another college, in Massachussetts, on board with providing transition opportunities for students with disabilities!

The Norton program, known as STEP, serves students with intellectual disabilities who are involved with three programs at Bridgewater…

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Communication is Key In Roommate Relations

So this isn’t an ideal situation, but at the moment I am a young woman living with 4 men. Two are undergrad students who answered an ad we placed online; one is doing his Masters in Engineering and has lived here for years; and one is our landlord, my boyfriend, and the only one of them not in school at the moment. 446 more words

Life Skills

Follow Through With Your Plans

So you have a plan. That’s fantastic! You know pretty much what you want to do after graduation, what your chosen career path is, and/or what you want to do with the rest of your life. 861 more words

Life Skills