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Patience is a Virtue

Driving down the M4 motorway to work at 07:00am. .

What usually takes me an hour or so to do the commute.

A traffic jam caused by rubber Necker’s watching the misfortune of a lorry driver who has broken down on the side of the road and suddenly the trip takes closer to two hours. 532 more words


Lessons from a Snowman

This is really just a fun blog with some underlying truths I guess. I was listening to a show on the breakfast radio this morning and it was mentioned that a male partner had bought his female partner some gym kit as a gift. 341 more words

Life Skills

Thanksgiving grace

Thanksgiving is here, the one holiday of the year that is, by name and spirit, inspired by the grace of gratitude.

We gather, we talk, we prepare, we eat. 672 more words


Gobble, Gob...sorry for the interruption Christmas is Here!

Thanksgiving, I feel, is one of the MOST important holidays that should be paused over, and not rushed over for Christmas. Thanksgiving is the ONE holiday we have that is dedicated to recognizing our blessings, the people we love in our lives, sharing a meal and conversation in gratitude. 434 more words


"Come out of your miseries!"

“Come out of your miseries!” This is the calling of the meditation retreat I attended.

Did it work? Did it help? Yes. I don’t know. Yes. 1,149 more words


Thanksgiving Dinner Conversation: Are you Listening?

   Here we go with the Holidays again. Some people look forward to them, others, dread them, and some are just apathetic to them. Whatever your feelings are about them you are going to have a lot of gatherings, and maybe you need a little brushing up on your listening skills; especially if you have so much to do besides this so-called company party! 819 more words


Marriage of Learner Interface Design and Coaching!

One of the principles in learner interface design (LID) I was reading about recently is called CEO: Connect, Empower and Orchestrate which I think can also be a useful way to describe coaching. 154 more words