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My strength finder test results

My strength finder results

The Clifton StrengthsFinder

As you may know, the Clifton StrengthsFinder measures the presence of talent in 34 categories called “themes.” These themes were determined by Gallup as those that most consistently predict outstanding performance. 2,326 more words

Life Skills


The moment I realized it, I just felt like, “Wow!” I was so excited to share it with you people. But it took some time to think of some good message to add to it. 600 more words

LIfe Skills


Have you ever noticed how a conversation with a boss or friend might leave you feeling bad?  Something is said that triggers you into a mood you prefer not to be in.  223 more words

Life Skills

My long and lustful relationship with food

It’s safe to say that I have always loved food.

I was a chubby baby. In my earliest televised appearances, recorded by my Grandma, you can always find at least one shot of me enthusiastically smushing banana against my face. 308 more words


Teaching media discernment encourages

Teaching media discernment encourages balance, leads to critical thinking, bonds families, and gives teens life skills they’ll carry throughout adulthood.

by Bob Waliszewski

My daughter, who is now serving with her youth pastor husband, honed her discernment skills by teaching the subject to elementary students in our church. 417 more words


Dream Weavers

Mira Etlin-Stein and her partner, Amanda Landry are young Occupational Therapists who didn’t let a soft job market stop them from practicing in their chosen profession. 147 more words

10 Financial Mistakes You Should Avoid

Money, money, money.

Few things in life generate as much interest yet demand more responsibility. And while money itself will not bring happiness, mismanaging it can surely ruin a peson’s chances  for success and cause a lot of… 229 more words

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