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The school year isn't just for kids

I have always loved school supplies: yellow Crayola boxes; fresh, crisp notebooks; brand new pencils and pens; a clean backpack; and even a blank planner ready to mark the year to come. 413 more words

Life Skills

30th Aug

Let’s achieve our true destiny to be together as one person, one heart in true feeling, emotion and ultimate truth, joining in balance with all other levels of nature as ONE!

What Is Life

For the Traveller


A journey can become a sacred thing:

Make sure, before you go,

To take the time

To bless your going forth,

To free your heart of ballast… 96 more words


Are You Financially Prepared for Life's Lemons?

We’ve all experienced unexpected curveballs at some point in our lives, and realistically, we’ll probably experience many more. A lost job. A broken dishwasher. A pay cut. 428 more words

Life Skills

Day Three: The Cure for Hopium Addiction: Finding your Self-Worth

Have you ever given much thought to the “I”

that other people see?

We can assess our own self-image by looking at the people around us.

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Inclusion in the Art Room

With the monies I received from the Target Arts, Culture & Design in Schools Grant I purchased 5 iPads for my Art classroom to teach digital art.    139 more words

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