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This past Sunday at my church was a train wreck.  It started off bad, and then steam rolled out of control as the service progressed. 942 more words


Buddhist Belief & Practice in the Sri Lanka Army

Daniel Kent, of University of Virginia via http://thecarthaginiansolution.wordpress.com/war/buddhist-belief-practice-in-the-sri-lanka-army/

To refrain from taking any life is Buddhism defined. How then do Buddhist soldiers go to war in the full knowledge that they are required to perform a deed which ensures negative karma in this life and the next? 91 more words

Life Stories

Personality Test

Upon awakening, you discover you are out of clean underwear.  Do you:

a) go through your dirty clothes and find a pair previously worn, trying to remember which ones you wore to the gym… 39 more words

Life Stories

What? why? and who am I?

What is this all about?

It’s all about sharing my value and insights with people, communicating and growth mindset.

I want to see this blog as an inspiration for people. 235 more words



I’m sitting in my car at Starbucks, writing.  I feel stupid, it probably is stupid.  There was a church women’s group meeting at my house.  Great group of ladies, but with that much estrogen in the room I figured it was a smart move to skeedaddle. 828 more words



I once knew an orangutan
who loved to drink iced tea.
He would come by for a visit
just to entertain me.

We would meet beneath the willows… 104 more words

Ohio Poets

War, Emotions and the European Civilizing Process. The War-Related Affects from Feudal to Industrial Warfare in an Eliasian Perspective

Helmut Kuzmics, from the University of Graz/Austria …. a paper originally presented at the Interdisciplinary Collaboratory ” Norbert Elias:  Emotional Style and Historical Change,” held on 14-15 June 2012 at the University of Adelaide… 11,946 more words

Life Stories