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Joan Larsen Encore: The Grand Days of London - An Interlude with Ingrid Bergman

By Joan Larsen

Another world, another time…  a time when we were young, eager to grab for the stars along the way, and then – then – an opportunity to go to London.   700 more words


Appreciate Ya!

We’re from the country. Not really. We’re from the South. Not really. We were born and raised in the suburbs of Louisville, KY. Now, if you’re in New York they think that all of Kentucky is the country. 512 more words

Life Stories

Barcelona Beauty

As 5th year of medical school approaches, starting next week and ending in July 2015, only to begin the final year of medical school a mere 2 weeks later, I am resigned to the fact that long summer holidays are a thing of the not-so-distant past. 672 more words

Life Stories

Drawing: A Public Service Message

I do know how to do some things. I’m not the best at them, but I am reasonably better than the average person at a limited number of things. 986 more words

Life Stories

Vested interests push asylum propaganda -- thereby profiting from a lucrative trade

Bandula Jayasekera, in The Australian, 9 July 2014

I couldn’t help reading over and over The Australian’s editorial of July 7 that said: “Former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser doesn’t help his standing by likening the return of Tamils to Sri Lanka to handing over Jewish refugees to Nazi Germany. 689 more words

Life Stories

Carrying On: How Your Life Story Can Be Self-Perpetuating

A story takes a conventional form, a Genre, which influences how it unfolds.  We have expectations about a Comic Heroic Adventure, for instance: a Hero will survive—even if barely–all challenges and s/he will defeat Evil, both in themselves and in the world. 914 more words

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Show and Tell – At the Chichester Family Reunion

By Bruce Summers, Personal Historian, Summoose Tales, summersbw@gmail.com

Many colleagues in the Association of Personal Historians have introduced versions of Adult Show and Tell. The concept is to invite adults or individuals of all ages to bring objects then to have them tell a story about why the objects are important to them. 2,042 more words

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