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Content of being content

There’s a fountain in our garden, the drops form a triad of continuous music, one drop that hits the water, one that hits the grass and one that hits the paving stones keep playing together. 95 more words

Life Strategy

Play? Or Play to Win!

Life is about playing the game, right? But, if you continue to play a game that you never win, you eventually stop playing. What’s the point? 357 more words



A critic is someone who expresses an unfavorable opinion of something. A critic finds fault with everything. You can never please a critic. Why? Because critics are not designed to be pleased. 299 more words

Jeff Crume

Viking ways

This is how I felt today, crowded. By things I should do, by things I would have loved to be doing, by things I have to do, by things I never will come around to do. 431 more words

Life Strategy

Success Takes Time

Most people think that when they become successful, they will have more ‘free time’. Actually, not only does success take time to attain, it takes even more time to maintain.

A Pinch Of Sage

Evaluating Goals: Where I Stand

I realized today that I hadn’t updated this blog in a while. It was a project I left on the backburner, largely because I changed jobs several months ago and decided to focus on getting that work done. 242 more words