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R = Routines

Or, living with Stephanie.
I have a set way of doing . . . well, a lot of things. Today I am going to share some of my more hardcore routines. 288 more words

Just Stephanie

Feeding the boys

One sunday evening, more than 60 years ago, my grandparents went to chapel, as they did every sunday. Church in the morning and chapel in the evening. 338 more words

Life Strategy


1 pkg passion, firmly packed

1 large scoop of courage

1 or more ideas, explored and developed a bit

2 or more good friends and family members to come alongside… 397 more words

When life hands you lemons- take a nap!

I thought I were getting wiser, and in theory I am.

So here’s the history and the lesson it tries to offer: I have always had way more ideas than anyone can fulfill in a lifetime. 295 more words

Life Strategy

What you do not find, is still there

After dinner I went back to the business lounge to finish my report for the day. I was very comfortable, in a red velvety wing chair, with a cup of steaming coffee and my iPad. 721 more words

Life Strategy

Turning Pain into Motivation

When you’ve lived with pain and suffering for so long, it is so much a part of your nature that you find it difficult to let it go. 978 more words

Intuitive Awareness