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I failed.

What is there to say?
Iv tried a but more lately,
Iv put in effort.
Yet still I’m back sliding,
And for the most part alone. 68 more words

Life Is A Jumbled Poem

I Suck at Dating

Dear Jess:


I have been letting my friends hook me up with people and to no avail, there is no connection. Where do I need to go to meet guys?  77 more words

Life Stuff

What to write?????

I’ll be honest, I am having trouble with this blog.  It languishes.  It’s not that I don’t have any experiences.  Sunday I went swimming and that was great.   333 more words

Life Stuff

Grow Up? Well, I Didn't Get The Memo...

I am an adult. Or so I am told.

I have due rent (which I resentfully pay), I have household insurance and a well-stocked fridge. I don’t have to count my pennies, I have several credit cards and can no longer wear my hair in pigtails. 828 more words

Small habits, big difference

Out of bed. Turn the kettle on. One of my small joys in my morning routine is making tea.

Life, all those balls in the air – we juggle far too much sometimes. 828 more words


Commuting Chronicles

I got home at 5.30PM from a class that ended at 3.30PM, and randomly selected a movie to watch — I got The Lunchbox, an Indian movie released last year. 317 more words

Life Stuff

It's a Merc convention!

Spotted at my local shopping centre…

And no, this is not a ‘posh’ area. I think it’s just that these cars are more affordable than they used to be.

Life Stuff