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Simply Simple

My absence of words simply mean I don’t stress anymore.

I don’t wish you good or bad.

I simply don’t wish anymore…well, not about you anyway. 6 more words

Black Women


If someone could recover your black box, what would you want them to see or know in your final moments of life? If someone could literally rewind my life through a black box, I’d want them to see the hard work I’d put in to build good character. 615 more words

Life Stuff

The Story of Us

They say it’s the best when you least expect it, I’m talking about a relationship, but not just any ordinary one. The kind that makes you smile constantly just because, and restores all the faith and hope you once had of being in a good relationship. 683 more words



Hey everyone that might still be around!  I know it’s bee sooo long since I posted, but the flooring debacle I wrote about in my last post turned into a really long saga and we’ve just recently completed all the flooring and are now doing the finishing touches of adding quarter round and cleaning/re-arranging. 549 more words


If you were 22 forever, what would you do?

Apparently I look young. I must behave like a youngster too! I’m consistently mistaken for being in my very early twenties. Most people are surprised when they hear I’m actually 27. 573 more words


Is this the End?




I have been going through a lot in my life, trying to figure out my purpose and I feel like maybe this blog may not be needed anymore. 27 more words

Life Stuff

Hiatus & a Project!

So I inadvertently have been taking a blogging hiatus.  Work has been nuts and as of my last post, Jefe and I were traveling.  A LOT. 661 more words

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