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Quote for the Day

 “Active Evil is Better than Passive Good” – William Blake

I am not advocating “evilness” here. I just thought this quote hits just right for what is currently happening in our society.

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Real Olives and False Olives

So, there are real olives and there are false olives. The former can be eaten, the latter may kill you. :)

Not everything that looks good are good.  124 more words



Bobby goes through a lot of preparatory stages before he puts the knife to the wood in his carving of guns or airplanes. Here is a picture of the specs of the one he is working on now. 444 more words

Life Views

our life markers, when we finally sit back and think...

You know what  life markers do to us?

its like a highlighter pen marking a line paragraph of an indelible memory distinct in your storyline. 607 more words

Life Views

Just a sort of 'Disclaimer'

I feel I post a lot of stuff about what I don’t like in life. 

However, just know I do find lots of good things in life: good music, good food, track, roller coasters, all that good stuff :) 29 more words

Life Views

Can't win 'em all...or any. (Yes It's a Rant :P BY APEX NOIR)

Lately, with Valentines Day having gone by, I have come to discover even more ‘un-desireables’ than usual…It got to the point where I literally started blocking certain posts, and even just flat out un-following and deleting people. 404 more words