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Meowing About Winning

Hi Everybody!   Last week I was a very lucky boy – I received a box which contained my winnings from a giveaway I saw on… 297 more words

Life With Cats

Silent Sunday

I am the Apple of Mom’s Eye…….literally……..

Life With Cats

Tent Time

Oh boy have I been using my sleeping tent a LOT lately……maybe because of my hyper-whatsis (haha) or my medicine (probably not – just started it) or because I’m just plain lazy (uh huh…yeah…that’s what I think too) but I can’t get enough sleep.  307 more words

Life With Cats

Pix From My Album

Hi Peeps!  Know what? I have a bazillion photos in my photo album here on WordPress that I’ve used through my three years of blogging……………..I thought for something a bit DIFFERENT on this Friday, I’d do a slideshow of some of them – a bit of a FLASHBACK – some memories for you will be here – things you’ve pawticipated in – and maybe if you’ve not been following me for long, you can see some of the wacky stuff we’ve done here!  104 more words

Life With Cats


Just Imagine…………

The other day my buddy Easy and I exchanged some fun emails about how cool it would be to live in a treehouse……………we kinda got carried away and had some fun with the idea but it got me to thinking about how REALLY REALLY cool it would be to live up in the air with a view like that! 174 more words

Life With Cats

Teaser Tell All

Telling The Tale

Well my friends, it would seem that no matter WHEN I post the Teaser – no matter what “surprise” time I should happen to choose – Leo is THERE.   352 more words

Life With Cats

Tuesday Teaser

WOO HOO…………..it’s that time again (well you don’t know the TIME of course because it’s TOP SECRET) for the Tuesday Teaser……….and this week we have another GUEST TEASER………..yep – Mom and Dad did not take these little gems but a friend of mine did and you’ll find out all about that tomorrow!! 231 more words

Life With Cats