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World News with Red Ginger


Gosh, that “Red Ginger” guy needs a new hairpiece…………that one is PITIFUL!

Hugs, Sammy

Life With Cats

Rain and Wind....Oh My!

It’s not as yucky here as I know it is in many other areas today BUT yesterday it was one miserable day.  Great for naps but nothing else.   323 more words

Life With Cats

Teaser Tell All

OK………I have to admit the Teaser yesterday was really NOT an easy one even though I hinted that it might be since I’ve fooled everybody twice in a row……………this was the photo we had yesterday from a trip my parents took: 291 more words

Life With Cats

Tuesday Teaser

Here we are !!!   The highlight of your week (or lowlight if you think that’s more appropriate) and having to see this hideous picture Mom did of me – she’s pretty good at teasing ME too isn’t she? 210 more words

Life With Cats

Light Crumbs and Muffin Bones

A woman told a joke and I collapsed in hysterics before she even got to the punchline. Here’s the set-up:

Why did the man have a hundred-dollar bill tattooed on his wing-wing? 931 more words


Colorful Monday

Good Morning Peeps!   We have been having some gloriously “Virginia Fall-ish” weather the last few days……………Mom says the leaves are TIRED of being green and staying on the trees and are “giving it up” and she may be right.  312 more words

Life With Cats

Silent Sunday Selfie

 Joining up with the Sunday Selfie Blog Hop at The Cat On My Head! 11 more words

Life With Cats