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The Comfort When Things Get Wonky

Today we were on our new “fall” schedule in earnest.  I use the term “fall” loosely because there’s nothing remotely related to fall in August in Georgia.  786 more words

Cooter, Class Clown and Caregiver

We have this “thing” in our family.  Whenever there’s a family gathering, a hootenanny if you will, inevitably there is someone with the sniffles.  Or sneezes.  845 more words

My Baby Boy Has Swagger

I have a baby boy.

Sometimes this fact, one that’s been true for exactly seven and a half years today, still blows me away.  There are times when I still can’t really wrap my brain around it. 879 more words

My Littles and the Tempest-Tost

About two weeks ago, I discovered, courtesy of a “A Mighty Girl’s” page on Facebook, that it was Emma Lazarus’ birthday.  She wrote the poem that is engraved on a plaque and attached to the base of the Statue of Liberty.   872 more words

A Visitor, the Chaos, and Love All Around

We had a visitor today.

And it was total chaos.

My crew, every single one of them, were loud and boisterous and jumping around or lying on the floor.  478 more words

First Presidential Candidate for 2044 Throws His Hat in the Ring

“Mama, how did President Obama get to be President?” Cooter asked me today as I was fixing his lunch.

I explained that the President had to tell everyone his ideas and the people who liked them voted for him.  366 more words

Perseverance, Bobs, and The Ones Who Took the Call

It’s been almost a year since I stared disappointment in the face, since our Princess found out that she wasn’t being invited to try out for the swim team.  1,156 more words