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From Tranquil Bay to Autumn Moon--and ALL the Colors in Between

So today, this brought me to tears.

And so did this.

No you are not looking at the handiwork of one of my littles.

I did that.  1,679 more words


Today’s post is brought to you by a puppy who wasn’t feeling 100 percent last night but has bounced back quite well today, a little guy who hasn’t been himself the past two days and this evening we figured out why–man down (with fever)–and a day full of errands. 329 more words

The Funny Thing Is, She Didn't Really Have to Ask

Tonight’s Friday night Fun is brought to you by our college freshman, who knows what she’s doing.  Don’t let her fool you.  She might not have me wrapped around her little finger as she once did, but she knows her Mama and how to play her. 587 more words

On what Compassion really is

So this has been messing with my mind.

Many thanks to Love Wins Ministries for posting this quote by Pema Chodron.  I had never heard of this woman, and so with a little digging, I found that she is a notable American figure in Tibetan Buddhism.  753 more words

Pondering What Language God Speaks

Today was Spanish lesson day.  Our sweet and fun teacher, Miss M, comes to the house and works with the littles for a half an hour or so.  436 more words

Snarkiness, a Mama Fit, and What Came Next

Mama Confession #939.

Y’all, I showed out today.

Pitched one more fit.

Even slammed a door.

And I’m so sorry.

But I’m not sorry for what followed. 1,159 more words

Watching the Baby Bird Learn to Fly

When did my baby girl grow up?

Lately it has become very apparent that she’s growing up faster than my mind will let her.  As we moved things from Mama’s house to their various new homes over the past couple of weeks, we decided to move the like new twin mattress and boxsprings into our Princess’ room, as her mattress has seen better days.  752 more words