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Can anyone help: Need your opinions on life writing

Why do you think life writing is on the rise?

So, I’m writing an essay about why life writing is on the rise.

As bloggers, I think we are all life writers. 302 more words


Life writing

Well, I just submitted two essays for the Fiction and Nonficiton unit. I’m am so glad that’s done. It’s a bit rough having two essays due on the same day! 152 more words



Last year, I joined a Life Writing class at the University of Dundee. One week, the tutor asked us to make mood boards to represent the themes of our writing. 464 more words

The Pendulum Swings

God knows how. It’s a mystery.

I expect you think I’m being metaphorical on the pendulum question. Poets have the write. But no. This post is not a plea for politicians to behave themselves, or family values to go this way, or that. 395 more words


Interview with Clare Potter

Clare Potter is a poet, playwright, collaborator and educator, originally harking from Blackwood, South Wales. She taught and lived for several years in New Orleans, where she was a consultant for the New Orleans Writing Project. 1,977 more words


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Clare Potter is a talented poet and all around wonderful person. I'm delighted to work with her at the Welsh Writers' Trust and cannot wait to begin teaching alongside her at Cardiff University this October. Please enjoy this interview and check out some of her poetry. You won't be disappointed.

Your Life? Your World?

Honestly, I don’t know that many writers. I’ve met several throughout my life, causally, occasionally interacting with them, but never gaining entrance into their lives and not many other writers have gained entrance into mine.   638 more words


We keep this one up for 8 minutes: Janet Gaynor -- I will survive

Dear friends and readers,

Imagine full routine of steps, about 30 women in rows, a young leader in front, mirrors on three sides — and we clap too: 199 more words