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Creating Christian Literature in a Secular Society

My vocation in writing novels is to reflect God’s hope in young adult literature. When I see His creativity in the Bible and know I am endowed with the same creativity, I realize that I can create stories that give meaning and life to my readers, yet my field has become increasingly secular, and most Christian literature is criticized for being too hopeful and optimistic. 546 more words

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Bananas on a Saturday night

It used to be called Bananas, but it looks like they’ve changed the name to Tropics. Not a bad name for a pub in Leigh; especially in wintertime. 405 more words


Diary of a (very) Mature Student - an update

It’s been full steam ahead this week.  I can’t believe this is the end of Week 4. 422 more words


dancing in the belly of the beast -- "Memoir of a Race Traitor" by Mab Segrest

I had begun to feel irregularly white. Klan folks had a word for it: race traitor. Driving in and out of counties with heavy Klan activity, I kept my eyes on the rear-view mirror, and any time a truck with a Confederate flag license plate passed me, the hair on the back of my neck would rise…I found myself hating white people, including myself.

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Soul searching through writing

A couple of months back, I discovered the power of soul searching through writing. During that period in time, I was in a vicious circle and was negatively affecting my relationships with friends and family. 1,096 more words

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