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The Robbery

Crime is a one-way road. When you stick your foot in that water, you just jump right in. There was a time when I was 6-years-old when I was completely unwary of this. 1,005 more words


Stop Teaching Our Girls To Be Sunbeams

This year, my 10th grade class was reading “To Kill A Mockingbird”. This is the fifth year in a row that I have taught Harper Lee’s novel and I have enjoyed it more with every year. 1,216 more words


Sigh... Can we just not?

               Everyone lies. Sometimes over the dumbest things. I know this because I have from time to time. There are things that some people lie about that baffle me to no end though. 526 more words


The Key Pt 1: Branching Out.

In all my years on this earth, I’ve come to a few conclusions about our purpose here and how we fulfill it. Currently, I’m working on my state of mind; my mental well-being. 746 more words


The past 2 months have been insane and dreadful, though it is the kinda chill life i want.. it’s something i can’t do forever. I need to be productive and be earning the moolah. 102 more words