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The September month, kids go back to school, friends go off to Uni, you’re sitting there thinking… I’m just going to carry on doing the same tedious, monotonous bullshit and maybe one day instead of dreading or doubting any fact that I don’t have a full proof future plan I should just accept that maybe fate has a less organised future for me.  285 more words


The Romance of Things

Since I have moved home, I have been watching a great deal of romantic-comedys with my mother. Since she lives alone with my dad, she mostly has to watch shoot-em-up movies. 1,022 more words

A Sense of Humour

Humour. An important part of life. It is tendency that provokes laughter. A very important part of life which is rather gone unnoticed by most. Humour is also refered as comedy by some. 443 more words


Moments of mercy

Blue lights flash

unexpected this lazy sunny holiday

people moving about



somewhere someone’s life hangs

in the balance

between speed and mercy

copter sits in the open… 90 more words


Hail to the V: Feminine Product Options

Hiiii guyysss.  I know, I know, this post is days late. I apologize profusely.  To make it up to you, I’ll be posting twice today. Yay!!! 430 more words


Does Cancer ever Leave?

Nearly every end of my family tree is covered in a variety of cancer. My father and his cousin both lost their lives to Colon cancer while in their 30s. 266 more words