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“There’s no limit to what a man can achieve, if he doesn’t care who gets the credit!!”


On Women.

I just spent ¬£40 to feel attractive. Gabriella was her name, she’s a stripper. I now have stripper crush and I know why. Even a woman who is supposedly into me can say “Well I suppose I’ll have to find some other British guy” and immediately we see the central female assumption: The guy I want or the guy I’m with is easily replaceable. 205 more words

The Things That Can't Be Taken Away

No righteous indignation today, no steam to blow off, just some thoughts on what matters, and what I value. We are taking the day off from packing. 697 more words

A Belated Birthday Blog Post

Weeks ago, Weichman turned 23. ¬†Trey, I cherish you. Every single day with you feels surreal and even right now, writing this and thinking of days that I’ve spent with you, it feels like I dreamed all of them. 93 more words


Chomping at the Bit

Lately I’ve been feeling pretty angry. I don’t know if that’s necessarily the right word to use…maybe “frustrated” is a little more accurate. I think that in general, I’m just dissatisfied, but I have no idea with what. 435 more words


Happy and Unfeeling

Riding on the waves of chemicals and dopamine,

Serotonin levels so high they’re bound to crash,

Clashing with the mind that has them

So that the brain clothing it spits and jolts with misplaced physiology and neurological… 322 more words