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Trying to lose weight but I'm a stress/binge eater. What do you do to prevent binge eating? via /r/Fitness

I often use food to comfort myself when I’m feeling anxious or upset. This has caused me to gain about 20 pounds. I have these spurts when I work out and eat very well but then something will happen and I will ruin one good day with one to multiple days of eating crappy foods in excess. 59 more words


It’s always a good day for soup isn’t it? But… http://ift.tt/1wtA027


Change For the Better

It has been a few attempts and I feel that I am finally familiarizing myself with Photoshop and Lightroom.

Here is a recent before and after of a photo I finished editing. 6 more words

Icarus Photography

Endigar 565 ~ A Necessary Pruning

From the Daily Reflections of October 4;

. . . we know that the pains of drinking had to come before sobriety, and emotional turmoil before serenity.   286 more words

Nowhere feels like home.

I knew that I was moving out and was excited for the new experiences, but it wasn’t until the week before I left that it hit me… I was  167 more words

Project of Life

In this cat eat dog world,  working people like me live through a maze of deadlines, office clutter , expectations, disappointments and anxiety .It is easy to get caught in the maze of hype and ego satisfactions. 911 more words


I am loyal (Part 2 of Who I am)

Even though I may be a nobody I still have a personality. I still live, breathe and feel things. I may not be the most complex person, but there are many facets about me that make me who I am. 451 more words