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What is Your Pain?

Everyone wonders aloud when alone

what flavor of fear will it be today?

How soon will the silent shadow I’ve known

come knocking, suggesting, try it my way. 74 more words


One of those days

To be honest, the last couple of days were hard. I dont feel good in my skin, and I couldn’t even tell you why as I don’t even know myself why I’d feel that way. 827 more words


Drama in our lives

“Drama in our lives is only created when we let the negative affect us”

We fight – a letter to a son with a broken heart

My dear son,

The lucky ones have never experienced what you are feeling right now.

The lucky ones are those who lie to us about the pain because the truth is hard to admit when it is the most painful thing that you have ever experienced in your young life. 958 more words


Back In Time

Today I was working at my drawing table and suddenly I was transported back in time….I was 14 or maybe 15 living at my Nona and Paw-Paw’s house because my parents had split up again. 227 more words


I Have a Problem

Hi book lovers,

So, I have this problem. I really like to buy new books. But I also really like going to the library. This results in a dangerous mixture of purchasing books all the time only to have them sit on my shelf unread. 180 more words